Death for Any Price

Session 21: Vault Plunderers and Priest Killers

GM Notes

PCs: Toad, Queen of Spades, Xeal
Ring of NPC: Ms Terspungecake, Urisk
Tuesday, 6th of Nethysta, 179th Year of the Goddess

The night passed uneventfully for the group with the majority continuing their stay at the Red Parrot and QoS staying in the warehouse that Emmett had provided for them. While waiting for the others to meet her in the morning QoS took another look around the warehouse. Her search yielded rations, a basic survival kit as well as a set of glamered robes, the last of which she was very happy to find. A closer inspection of the crate that she found these items in yielded a similar traces of magical energy similar to those generated when the party moved between the Material Plane and Norgorber’s pocket dimension. Reasoning that this was probably a safe house for any of Emmett’s agents passing through, QoS decided to only take what she needed.

The party regrouped at the warehouse in the morning after having made the decision to break into the Judges’ Vault as a party. The group took the route through the sewers with QoS leading the way. They didn’t run into the gelatinous cube that had previously been acquainted with QoS but did have to cautiously make their way around two paladins in the lower chamber. One of the paladins appeared to be praying to the gauntlet down in the depths of the water while the other appeared to be on guard (likely as a result of QoS’s antics.

Using the rungs from the wall and the ceiling the group stealthily made their way up the chute and into the Hall of Judgement. The others gathered around Urisk as he concentrated on disabling the locks and wards on the basement access to the Vault. Eventually he was successful, and the group stepped into a dark and dusty room lined with artifacts and magical items.

The Vault proved to be far larger than expected, with eight large subterranean rooms in addition to the room above ground for our villains to peruse. Luckily they were able to come across an inventory list for each room indicating what some of the more significant items were. Items taken from the vault included:

  • A bag of holding Type III identified by Toad
  • A sack (incorrectly identified by Xeal as a Bag of Holding Type III)
  • A small fist sized black cube identified by Xeal as an Instant Fortress (but later identified by Toad as a key to the Astral Plane)
  • A hat of disguise identified by QoS
  • An adamantine rapier studded with diamonds appraised by Urisk
  • A set of red lenses owned by the leader of a powerful cult some 300 years ago
  • A monkey’s paw, identified by Toad
    (I believe I may have forgotten some items, please tell me if I forgot anything)

Toad remained focused on finding the most important item(for him): the third Book of Hell. Following his imp’s directions he quickly found a large, leather-bound tome pulsing with infernal energies- but it wasn’t the Book of Hell. The book was entitled “The Ten Thousand Paladins” and detailed how the paladins protected the Book of Hell from any who might take it. Alongside the book was a pair of bookends in the shape of dragons that the group determined were linked to the book- the party decided to err on the side of caution and pocket both book and bookends.

In the meantime Xeal was drawn to an attractive set of furniture (two chairs and a table) that were in chains. The magic in them was particularly strong, and prompted the group to set up the table for a conversation, with Xeal sitting down in the plain chair. As he did so, an amazingly beautiful woman in a seductive red dress appeared in the opposite chair and offered him a deal of power for the loss of his looks. Xeal tried to bargain down, but the entity seemed unmoved by his lesser offers of trade. Given that they were beginning to grow short on time before they were potentially discovered, the group opted to stuff the furniture into the Bag of Holding.

Eventually the party decided that they’d risked being in the Vault long enough and retreated via the path they’d come in. Going back to the warehouse, the group decided to wait there until Solomon’s speech. When the time for the speech came they left for Foi, arriving just in time for Emmett’s distraction- two of the audience members being horrifically polymorphed into demons. With the Red Judges scrambling to take care of the situation, the group lured Solomon and his personal guard into the warehouse under the pretense of taking him to a safe location. Then, when the moment was right, the group struck, disabling Solomon and his guards with a dazing aqueous orb and finishing them off with deadly strikes from the Queen of Spades.

The party has officially crossed their first name off the list- what new adventures await them now?



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