Death for Any Price

Session 23: I Roll to Check for Treasure

GM Notes

PCs: Toad, Xeal, Urisk, Vanir
Ring of NPC: Queen of Spades
Monday, 12th of Nethysta, 179th Year of the Goddess

The group took a moment to take in the large well-lit space that was the dining hall. There were between ten and fifteen villagers dining at the long wooden table, with the throne that Du Pont had recently vacated at the far end. Both the throne and table seemed to be reasonably humble affairs, carved from large logs and fitted together to form more complex structures. The most eye-catching thing in the hall by far was a large crystal chandelier, with crystals ranging from clear quartz to deepest amethyst. It was, however, beyond the reach of any in the group, so they decided to leave it be (for the time being).

To the sides of the hall were two painting galleries, with seats to sit and admire the paintings. The paintings were of exceptional standards, the actual paintings appearing to be almost emerging from the frames. The frames were also high quality, fine oak with gold trimmings. The paintings seemed to be mostly portraits, tracing the Du Pont family line through history. The most recent painting was dated about 400 years ago, and showed Du Pont with an elven partner and a young daughter.

Of more interest to the party were two display cases behind the throne (2x nat20s on Perception). One of these was identified by Toad to be a Lesser Oathbow, and the other was a [can’t remember what it was]. They very carefully inspected the cases for traps and found both magical and mundane systems intended for murder. However they were able to disable the traps and grab their new loot without a single hitch.

As the group were buoyed up by their little triumphs, the chandelier suddenly broke free from its securing chains and crashed to the ground over the party. Shards of the crystals started whirling around in the air, slowly coming together to form a golem. The crystal golem put up a good fight against the group but was no match for the team’s might. As the last blow was dealt the golem exploded, shards of crystal driving deep into anything within range.

After the group had suitably recovered, they decided it was time to leave this room for the next. The party chose to go upstairs with Urisk in the lead to detect traps. Upon reaching the top floor, however, a phantom skull came screaming at the group, turning the stairs they were on into a chute heading straight for a pit of spikes! While most of the party managed to jump in time to avoid the pit, Vanir and Xeal fell straight in, with the trapdoor quickly shutting above them



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