Death for Any Price

Session 27: From Flesh to Dust

GM Notes

PCs: Markas, Queen of Spades, Toad, Urisk, Vanir
Ring of NPC: Xeal
Tuesday, 13th of Nethysta, 179th Year of the Goddess

The night passed without anything going amiss, and the group woke up feeling rested and ready to face a new day, vampires or not. Toad was delivered back to them as a cloud of smoke, carrying news from Du Pont. Apparently Du Pont wanted something back from a thief, a thief whose description matched that of the woman they had rescued some time earlier. Toad agreed to this act, noting that the vampire lord was treating him with respect, and had chosen him above the others to speak to.

After having told the party his tale, Toad received mixed responses. Some were of the opinion that the vampires needed to be eliminated for the inconvenience they had caused the party, while others thought that taking Du Pont’s offer was a good idea- he was, after all, a powerful vampire, and potentially a powerful ally. It eventually came down to one thing, as most of the group’s murder sprees did- who was on the List. As it turned out, Fleur’s name was found next to a single number (but a number nonetheless). With this in mind, the group decided they would avoid killing vampires unless absolutely necessary, kill Fleur and get the item, and deal with Du Pont another day.

They left the safety of the room and ventured back into the main corridor. Urisk’s mind was immediately assaulted by Alessandra’s psychic grip upon doing so, and he led the charge into a side room where he was promptly assaulted by two other vampires. These proved to be weaker members of the court, however, and the group was able to quickly dispatch these opponents.
The party was then confronted by a much displeased Alessandra, infuriated that the group had smashed her laboratory equipment. While she did some significant damage to some of the melee members of the group, Markas mercilessly thrashed the life from the vampire lady with his adamantine flail. After a few sharp blows, all that was left was an ashen outline on the manor floor and a small golden locket.

With their initial plan officially derailed, the group were still determined to find and kill Fleur, and so proceeded down to the lower levels of the manor and into the vault.



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