Death for Any Price

Session 28: Du Pont Deposed

GM Notes

PCs: Markas, Xeal, Toad, Vanir
Ring of NPC: Urisk, Queen of Spades
Tuesday, 13th of Nethysta, 179th Year of the Goddess

Entering into the treasure vault, the group was met with the glorious sight of. . . well, treasure. Piles of gold, precious jewels and chests that no doubt had all sorts of interesting things within them. What was of most interest to them, however, was the sight of Fleur taking a small but beautiful ring from a pedestal in the center of the room.

Although the group’s first instinct was to charge in and murder her as quickly as possible, Fleur was able to persuade them that it was in their best interests to hold off on that from the time being. She offered to let the group have their pick of the best loot in the vault and let them go without a fight, as long as they a) left her to her own devices and b) got rid of Du Pont. It was revealed through a few verbal slips on Fleur’s behalf that Elias was in fact Fleur’s father, and Fleur was a vampire herself. She



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