Aldous Terah Agincourt III

N Gnome Noble


Aldous the Third was born into a life of privilege that his father had worked hard to earn for him. It could be argued that this was what predisposed him to becoming the brat of a child that he was, or perhaps it was always in him. Whatever the reason, Aldous grew to be a pain and disappointment for his father, spending as much of his parents’ coin as he could and spending all his time playing the socialite.

Aldous II eventually decided that it had to stop, however, and sent his son with one of his close advisors into the Tehfahn Desert “to build character”. It was in the desert where Aldous became mentally enslaved by Lilly, forced by the bond between rider and mount to be her mouthpiece.

Aldous was not present the last time Lilly was seen, indicating that the requirement for Lilly to have a rider is likely no longer in place. It is unknown whether Aldous was simply disposed of, or whether he has been retained for darker purposes.

Aldous Terah Agincourt III

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