Dannee Boi

LG Half-Elf Proprietor of Dannee's Place


Dannee used to be an adventurer like you- but that was a long time ago, and he’s since decided he’d much rather brew beer than give ruffians a thrashing with his quarterstaff. Dannee’s Place isn’t quite as upmarket as he’d like it to be, but he figures if he keeps at it, he’s bound to attract some regular upper class customers at some point.

Generally a positive and helpful guy, Dannee falls firmly into the lawful good category. An upstanding citizen, if anyone puts a foot out of place in his inn he’ll be quick to call the guard and activate his safety precautions for the rest of his customers.

He also tends to be a mite OCD- there’ll never be a dirty glass or table in his inn, and muddy shoes will typically be greeted with a scowl (fleeting though it may be). He’s also very proud of his latest invention, coasters! They haven’t caught on yet, but he’s sure that they will soon.

Dannee Boi

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