LE Erinyes


An Erinyes summoned to Tyreth by the Book of Dis, her major distinguishing feature (apart from being an unearthly beautiful devil with black wings) is that the flesh on the right side of her face has been melted off as a result of combat with Felicity. To compensate for this she wears her hair combed over that side as a long fringe, mostly covering the horrific injury.
While for the most part being a terrifying hell fiend, she has a delicate sense of self-esteem that is not immune to flattery. She is also apparently more in touch with the full spectrum of emotions than most devils, a trait that she is more able to pursue on the Material Plane than at the uncaring hands of her brethren.

Involvement with the Party
Esveralda was summoned by the Book of Dis as a guardian, challenging Toad for his right to possess the Book. She was weakened, however, due to the unconventional summoning, and the Party forced her to teleport away to survive. After the battle she spent a few days in the Tehfahn Desert, regathering her strength and preying on any unlucky enough to cross her path.
Though it took her some time, she eventually followed the party’s trail to Casta.


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