Chaotic Neutral Bastard Sword Rogue


You know that part in Aladdin where the title character steals a loaf of bread and the burly guard is chasing him but Aladdin escapes and shares the bread with his pet monkey Abu and the two beggar kids? Well Girthy’s story is pretty much that.

Except that instead of a skinny Middle-Eastern kid Girthy is a 6 foot tall bulky half-orc, instead of bread it was an enchanted amulet, the burly guard was the Elven Lord to whom the aforementioned amulet belonged, and instead of escaping and sharing the bread in a heart-warming display of street-rat camaraderie he was captured and blinded in an eye-melting display of Elven vengence.

Also he doesn’t have a pet monkey.

Girthy lacks in restraint and method, but that translates to a wild unpredictability in combat that he uses to full effect. The hulking half-orc is surprisingly stealthy, sticking to the shadows before plunging his twin bastard swords into his chosen victim. He cares little for others, but has struck up a partnership with Piper, perhaps due to their similar whimsical attitudes. Revenge is his main motivation, as he would like nothing more than to get his hands on the elven lord that blinded him.

Involvement with the Party
Girthy was one of the original few chosen by Norgorber to take part in the heist in Lotani, but chose to pursue Tarquin through the depths of Dolmar. His current whereabouts are unknown, but he has not left the service of Norgorber…


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