CG Goblin Gunslinger


Kiril was once no more different than any other goblin, a petty and evil thing delighting in mayhem. Kiril’s story changed when his tribe killed a very young bronze dragon. As one of the fiercest warriors of the tribe he had a right to claim whatever part of the dragon he wished. He chose the skin, making it into a rough suit of armour that he made a habit of wearing constantly.

What he hadn’t counted on was the spirit of the dragon continuing to reside in the skin, acting as a kind of conscience for him. His eyes were opened to the evils that his tribe committed, and he fled from Arboron Forests that he called home. His new life was full of rejection, both rejection by his family and tribe and rejection by most of good society who would prefer a dead goblin to a living one.

The other members of the Hand of Iomedae found Kiril eking out a miserable existence as a pest exterminator in the slums of Jebagara. Salvador and Periwinkle were the first to treat him with real respect and encourage him to live life in a better way. He has since proven himself to be a valuable member of the group and endeavors to be the best goblin he can be.

Personality and Relationships

Kiril is a little shy and wary of people, speaking only when spoken to and with carefully considered words. While his goblin humour can at times be a little odd, he enjoys a good wisecrack. He is appreciative of little things in nature such as odd flowers or strange rocks and is easily distracted by such things.
Kiril is aware of the enmity other races bear for him, but does not bear them any ill will. He understands that he did many evil things before his eyes were opened by the dragon’s spirit but believes that it is possible for him to atone by being part of the Hand.


Kiril knows Bartholomew is much smarter than he is, and is slightly cowed by the notion of having to speak with him for extended periods of time. He is also very wary of the arcane magic that the elf wields, knowing that it is potentially just as powerful as Kiril’s musket should Bartholomew decide the world would be better off without one more goblin.






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