Outsider Inquisitor, devoted to The Gray Master


The outsider previously known as Jack of Spades started out his existence on the material plane caring for Garnidelia. Taking the orphaned elf under his tutelage he taught her how to swindle, cheat and lie her way to the top. While he may have initially acted as a mentoring figure, Garnidelia’s attitude towards Jack became increasingly callous, treating the eidolon as an inferior being.

After much bitterness grew within Jack, he bloodily sacrificed Garnidelia before Emmett in Norgorber’s dimension. It seems that whatever ritual he performed has merged Jack and Garny together, with Jack being the dominant personality. This more feminine looking version of Jack has requested that it be known as the Queen of Spades to be more appropriate to its form.

Later, a strange event would unfold. Upon traversing into the pocket dimension within the book The Ten Thousand Paladins with his fellow agents, Queen of Spades experienced a jarring disruption as she was enveloped by a holy aura, emanating from a powerful celestial being. This aura blocked the presence of evil outsiders such as QoS, and what remained was a young and innocent Garnidelia with an inkling of the fiend’s consciousness.

his celestial host judged the agents one by one, appearing differently to each one’s eyes as a figure from their past. Curiously, to Garnidelia/Jack this took the form of a white-clad Jack of Spades, who asked: “Who are we?”
Stammering, the girl replied: “I.. I don’t know..”
“What if we could be something new?”
“Before now, I thought we had no choice, that evil was all we could know..”
The being offered a hand, promising redemptive salvation. Jack, having never known anything before this point but his inherent evil, was overwhelmed with this prospect of choice and accepted the hand.

Leaving the pocket dimension, Jack of Spades returned to his normal form, though now clad in gray, and possessing a soul harboring good within.
Undergoing a ritual with a memorial slab and holy water, Jack made peace with Garnidelia, and allowed her soul to depart.
Jack of Spades, now known as ‘Rumour’, continues his servitude to Norgorber as well as Iomedae, in an unconventional method twisted by his newfound virtuous nature, for intentions not entirely known by the fiend-turned-hero himself..


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