Steve Moncrieff

NG Half-Elf Ranger


Steve was born to a elven father and a human mother in Burvale, one of the smaller mining settlements near Myrt. His father had been a Khanate knight, but had given it all up for a chance at love with Steve’s mother. His mother was a seamstress, having been introduced to Steve’s father through her work sewing parade uniforms. They chose to move closer to Myrt with the hope of allowing Steve to have a childhood free from racial conflict. This was successful, to some extent- Steve grew up making friends with the dwarven and human children, and was not subject to much bullying on account of his heritage.
His childhood was abruptly ended at the age of 15 when an anti-Khanate zealot incited a mob to drive his family and any other elves from Burvale. For a time his family was forced to live off the land, moving along the plains and being self-sufficient. It was during this time that his father helped to teach him the ways of the ranger, and how to hunt prey, especially humans.

Not too long after fleeing from the town his mother fell ill to filth fever, eventually passing away. Steve’s father was wracked with guilt at not being able to save her and became depressed, retreating into himself. Seeing this, Steve took his father to Myrt and bought a small house there with what little savings they had. He arranged for his father to be seen to,and has since dedicated a good portion of whatever treasure he finds to looking after his father.

Personality & Relationships

Steve is a loner, and dislikes extended periods of having to travel with company, usually feeling that it slows him down. He is more at home speaking with his horse Spirit than he is with other people and avoids conversation wherever possible. When he must speak to others he usually responds in monosyllabic answers, being blunt to the point of being rude.
His two vices are alcohol and coffee- alcohol makes him feel like more of a people person, and the coffee makes him more of a morning person.
Steve has no strong views on religion, save that the Gods’ interference makes things a lot more messy. He would be much happier if someone else had been roped into the quest, but recognises the necessity.
He is confident in his skills, but not overconfident. When faced with a difficult task, Steve will willingly ask for help if he’s aware he doesn’t have the skill.






Steve Moncrieff

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