Vanir Fistmele


The half-elf known as Vanir Fistmele was born in the human trading settlement of Senn Dorff, the result of a one night stand between the waitress Elise Dupree and a travelling elven noble. The only reason why his father could be distinguished from the many others that Elise lavished her favours upon was that elves rarely visited the Prancing Pony where Elise worked, and this elf in particular tipped well.

Vanir grew up being bullied and belittled by Hugo Gamond, the belligerent and bad-tempered innkeeper. Not a day would go by that Hugo wouldn’t take the chance to give a young Vanir a thorough beating for perceived misdeeds (though in truth, it was simply because Elise would not return Hugo’s affections). Due to this, Vanir grew adept at reading when the innkeeper’s mood would turn sour, and found many places to hide throughout the inn and the settlement.

Vanir found very little to keep him at home through his childhood, and spent his time in the countryside and wandering through the nearby Quelen Forest. His wanderlust landed him in a close encounter with a dire bear, an encounter he only survived due to the timely intervention of the woodsman Halt ArrĂȘt. After being soundly chastised for going out into the woods unprepared, the two swapped stories over Halt’s campfire. Feeling empathetic for the young Vanir, the huntsman offered to mentor Vanir to give him some hope and direction in life. Vanir accepted, and spent the next few years learning as much as he could about woodcraft and the ways of the ranger.

On his 18th birthday, Halt presented Vanir with a bow of exquisite balance and make, a present to celebrate his adulthood. With this bow came a task- a leopard had been terrorising travelers on the route between Senn Dorff and Tinpaktu. Using all the skills that he had been taught, Vanir tracked down the feline and laid in wait for the perfect shot. Unfortunately the new bow was unfamiliar to Vanir, and what should have been a clean shot through the heart took the cat high in the chest instead. The leopard staggered off to its lair, forcing Vanir to follow. He found the predator dead, collapsed next to a mewling cub. Feeling an obligation towards the cub after killing its mother, Vanir took it in to his care and named it Stalky.

One day on returning from a hunt, Vanir saw Halt arguing with some strangers on the road. The strangers appeared to be arguing over Halt’s quiver, and that arguing soon turned to violence- three held held him while the fourth stabbed him in the back.
Racing towards the conflict, Vanir started shooting, with three falling to his arrows. The last was pounced upon by Stalky, and his throat ripped out. It was all too late, however- Halt had died by the time Vanir reached him, his eyes staring unseeing into the sky above. Oddly, Halt’s bow was nowhere to be seen- the woodsman might not have had the chance to defend himself, but he hadn’t had a weapon to defend himself either.

Vanir took Halt’s quiver and buried him near the Prancing Pony. With no others who cared for or really knew Halt, Vanir was the only one left to find who was responsible for Halt’s death. He hoped that by taking the quiver he might attract whoever was responsible for Halt’s death, and in doing so be able to take vengeance upon them. With a hardened heart, he set off on the next caravan to Myrt to start his quest.

Involvement with the Party
In the time since leaving Senn Dorff Vanir fell into the employ of the Dread Pirate Sasha Villavoy and had been running various odd (and well-paying) jobs for her. One such job was a pick up from Iomedaea of a band of various miscreants. Since getting involved with the group, Vanir’s interest has been perked by the promise of power from Norgorber. He remains one of the members of the party with a conscience, however, wanting to stop Hastelaseth more out of a duty to the land than mere self preservation.

Vanir Fistmele

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