Death for Any Price

So it begins... (Note form)
  • Felicity arrived in Lotani.
  • A special convoy of camels arrived in high security.
  • Large gnome traffic, looking for a noble’s son. Rumours of a large reward (in the realm of 10,000gp).
  • Lots of camel related incidents, including one that barreled through the town and left without a rider.
  • The buzz in the Low Places is that the Merchant’s Guild has secured something very valuable.
  • Felicity, Saad, Toad, and Miss are all directed by way of anonymous note to meet E in the Low Places.
  • Felicity, after some asking around, is directed to meet Zoot Tarrant at the Lofty Heights.
  • Toad falls down a random chute into a private room with E.
  • Miss picks a battle with Urgrosh, the orcish proprietor of The Hole, and is winning until the intervention of the crowd and Saad.
  • Eventually the rest of the party makes contact with E.
  • E turns out to be Emmett, an agent of the god Norgorber, who offers the party all that they desire in return for their willing service. Their first task is to acquire the book held by the Merchant’s Guild.
  • Upon reconnaissance of the Merchant HQ, it seemed that there was a suspicious lack of precautions. However, the storeroom in the back of the building was surprisingly empty, and held the book on a pedestal. Upon closer examination, it was found that one of the most powerful wizards on the continent had left arcane marks all over the place. Felicity singled out the wizards and pretended to be a customer, in doing so found out that the storeroom had arrow traps, magic traps, bone boxes, alarm spells, and prismatic walls. In addition, anyone entering the room without wearing a special helm.
  • The party remained in the building as it closed, hiding behind an illusion. They then dispatched the guards quite handily, and made ready to enter the storeroom.
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Prologue: Picked off by the Shadow of the Desert
Don't mess with the camel

Approximately three or four weeks before our villains began their story, Lilly was wandering the west of the Tehfahn Desert. Without a rider to sustain her intelligence, she was running purely on instinct.

Happily enough, that instinct led her to a group of explorers, namely Aldous III, Daedalus, Nigel and Vraak, their Karrsk guide. Over hearing the gnomes complaints through the sandstorm, Lilly stealthily made her way towards the group.

Upon being noticed, she was met with mixed reactions- Nigel was somewhat wary, being aware of a legend of a camel that would come upon unwary travelers and devour them, Aldous and Daedalus were delighted at the thought of having a mount, and Vraak was indifferent to the development.

Aldous quickly tried to mount the camel, egged on by Daedalus. He failed several times while doing so, but eventually succeeded (when Lily helped him).
Once in contact, Aldous was quickly surprised and overwhelmed in a mental battle against Lily. Having dominated his mind, Lilly managed to very convincingly con the two gnomes and Vraak into thinking that all was well.

Continuing towards Makani (as that was where the travelers were headed), they eventually reached a long avenue stretching through the ruined city towards a large and central building. Strangely, the Karrsk tribesman refused to take them any further, despite the gnomes’ and controlled Aldous’ protests. Abandoned by their guide, who slipped off stealthily, they resolved to stay in the building for at least the night, as shelter.

Encountering some hidden caltrops along the way, Daedalus managed to injure himself, and was in a generally foul mood as they set up camp in what turned out to be a temple. Lilly felt a call from deeper within the building, from one of the four corridors behind the large statue situated in the room, and set off with Aldous. Nigel, feeling a sense of duty, followed Aldous to ensure his safety.

After making their way back and forth through rooms, with Nigel eventually stopping in a room with a everchanging mosaic made of jewels, Lilly and Aldous made there way to a smaller, brick walled room with a smaller statue in it. This statue, unlike the one in the entry chamber, screamed of power, and spoke to Lilly. Promising her power and restoration to her rightful form if she performed some tasks, the statue directed her to eliminate the rest of the gnomes.

With great relish, she made short work of Nigel, though found some difficulty making her way back to the entrance. Nevertheless, her superior tracking abilities and incredible speed meant that she quickly took down Daedalus, despite his attempts to flee. Her first task carried out, the camel and her newly enslaved rider headed towards Lotani. . .


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