Death for Any Price

Session 10: Racial Profiling
GM Notes

PCs: Toad, Saad, Urisk, Xeal, Ginko
Ring of NPC: Nazareth, Garnidelia, Jack of Spades
21st-23rd of Phara, 179th Year of the Goddess
8 days left til Iomedaea

With Esveralda now a distant concern, Xeal and Toad began cleaning the chapel of any evidence of the night’s wicked deeds while Urisk and Saad considered where next to head on their way to Iomedaea. The party agreed that it would be best to leave quickly before the Knights could return and question them, but Xeal still wanted to have the chance to do a special dawn service for the villagers. In the end, the party chose to split up- some remained with Xeal to back him up if things turned ugly, and the others followed Urisk and Saad in leaving the town early.

Urisk and Saad’s group made good time in their travels, passing through verdant grasslands and the occasional village as they made their way east. After a day’s travel, they were surprised by a female gnome that came sprinting from the trees lining the road. The gnome stopped to catch her breath, giving Urisk and Saad a chance to get a good look at her- her armour identified her as a fighter, and a patch sewn on to her armour marked her as a Slash-Happy mercenary, part of a guild based out of Jebagara. After regaining her composure, she introduced herself as Dusty, and proceeded to tell the group how her fellow mercenaries had fallen prey to a monster they had been sent to kill. While Urisk and Saad were for the most part uninterested by her woes, the opportunity for looting her dead friends was too good to pass up, and they casually asked her where the bodies might be.

While Urisk attempted to get the exact location of the bodies from Dusty, Saad noticed another figure approaching from the trees, hair obscured by a hood. His keen eyes noticed a snake head dart out from underneath, however, and he quickly realised that this was a medusa. Taking care not to look at the medusa’s face, Saad signalled to Urisk that the approaching figure was a threat, and they both started shifting away from an oblivious Dusty.

To their surprise, the medusa didn’t immediately attack, instead attempting to draw their eyes to hers with a mirror. When this failed, she dropped all pretense of amicability and threw herself at Dusty, eyes locking on her face. The quick-witted gnome managed to don her ever-present darkened goggles, however, saving her from a stony fate.

Seeing more value in slaying the medusa than not, Urisk and Saad came to Dusty’s aid, quickly besting the beast through their superior numbers. Conflict was not over, however, as Dusty and the pair disagreed on how the bounty should be split. Their disagreement quickly turned to violence, and Dusty was set upon by the two. After taking some serious wounds she decided that discretion was the better part of valour and used an invisibility spell to evade her attackers.

With Dusty more or less dealt with (though still messaging them while invisible) the pair decided to take the head and track down the bodies of her comrades. Urisk was able to effortlessly follow Dusty’s tracks back to where she had come from but was disappointed to find the medusa’s victims had been petrified completely (including their equipment). They did, however, have a bounty to claim, and the two set off for Jebagara (with Dusty hot on their heels).

A day and half’s travel later saw all three separately approach Jebagara by the east entrance. The more observant members of the party noted the elven encampment on the banks of Lake Maseron, and the wary attitudes of the city guard. Still, they passed through the checks at the gates without fuss, and Urisk and Saad chose to split up to attend to their own matters.

Urisk chose to go to the local branch of White, Grey & Associates, investigating what valuable magic items they had for sale and whether he might “liberate” them. He was able to tamper with some of the alarm spells, but realised he’d been caught doing so when the shopkeeper barred and locked the door upon his departure.
Not deterred in the slightest by this, Urisk enlisted the help of the beggar Little Jimmy to direct him to the shadier elements of town in the slums. Jimmy led him to the thief Manus, who was more than happy to tell a fellow thief some of the more promising targets in town. With Manus’ recommendations in mind, Urisk chose to case out the Merchant Guild’s warehouse.
Upon arriving at the warehouse, Urisk attempted to take a stealthy look around. He lacked subtlety in doing so, however, and the guards quickly dogpiled and tied up the hapless Strix before handing him over to the authorities. Urisk protested loudly to any who could hear, claiming his innocence and blaming his capture on racial prejudice.

In the meantime, Saad was at Blackwing Keep claiming the bounty on the medusa that the group had slain. It was by chance that he also ran into Dusty again, this time following Smitty Gorehands, leader of the Slash-Happys. Saad managed to keep a cool head, despite Dusty’s antics, and persuaded Smitty not to place a bounty on the group.
Moving on from the Keep, Saad sought out an apothecary to see if anything could be made with the Medusa’s head. Despite insulting the owner he was able to obtain a couple of potions that would work in a similar way to a medusa’s deadly stare.

Retiring to a tavern for the night (and still followed by an over-enthusiastic Dusty) Saad was met by Emmett, who was interested to check in on the group’s progress. He also advised that Dusty was to stay with the group, to Saad’s puzzlement and frustration.

Session 9: Date with a Devil
GM Notes

PCs: Toad, Saad, Urisk, Xeal, Ginko
Ring of NPC: Nazareth, Garnidelia, Jack of Spades
20th-21st of Phara, 179th Year of the Goddess
11 days left til Iomedaea

Having handily slaughtered the population of Casta, the party decided that they had best move quickly to prepare Toad as best they could for his “date”. Grabbing the town’s horses, they galloped the four hours ride to Huxton, where Toad had previously spotted a small chapel. Their ride was painful for some members of the party who developed riding sores from the cheap saddles, but otherwise uneventful.

The group arrived in Huxton at around 10 in the evening, riding into town quietly and without fuss. The village was quiet, with most of the villagers being in their homes and settling down for the night and only a few stragglers making their way in from the fields. It was the chapel that was of most interest to the party, however, and those in the party with keen eyes and ears quickly realised that it was occupied by some of the faithful engaging in a late service.

Urisk immediately volunteered to sneak up and get a closer look, stealthily making his way to the door of the chapel and peering inside. In the chapel were five armoured individuals in prayer with the heraldry of an eagle on their tabards- Urisk identified these as Knights of Egalite, likely here to collect the offering of grain from the village to take back to Iomedaea. Unwilling to face the odds of an even fight, the group quickly threw together a plan of deception centered around their newest member.

With a Hat of Disguise activated to hide his Mask of Stony Demeanor, Xeal burst into the chapel, faking exhaustion, terror and panic. The cleric quickly moved to comfort him, and Xeal spun a realistic tale of death and destruction in Casta with such artistry that two of the Knights immediately rode off to investigate. The half-orc cleric introduced himself as Father Gregory, and did his best to comfort the weeping Xeal while the other two paladins standing awkwardly to one side.

Having succeeded in bettering the odds, the group made preparations to storm the chapel in force, Saad summoning his ghostly pirates and Toad making ready to summon his hell hounds. Urisk quickly checked for any extra entrances, deciding that entry from the bell tower would be the best way to get in (natural 1 for perception). He managed to maintain his stealth, however, quietly slipping down the tower without sounding the alarm to the whole town.

With everyone in place, Saad directed his ghosts to go first, the surprised paladins quickly being subjected to multiple attacks from all directions. Urisk joined the fray, twin short swords striking deep into the gnome paladin and drawing a grunt of pain from him.

Meanwhile, a solitary figure rode into town on horseback, looking for shelter for the night at the chapel. Toad, standing at the chapel doors, quickly lied to the stranger, saying that the house across from the chapel was a tavern and that the chapel was not friendly to strangers. Believing him, the elf tied up his horse and strode across to the house, ready to be received warmly and instead being greeted by a half-asleep and slightly grumpy villager. Realising at this point that he had been deceived, the elf turned back to see Toad slip into the church, and the door close solidly behind him.

Inside the church, the combined force of ten or so creatures bearing down on the paladins quickly brought them down- the human was the first to fall, falling unconscious to a shocking grasp from Xeal then ripped into pieces by the hell hounds, and the gnome falling to Urisk’s blades. Saad took a little time in grappling with the cleric but was able to easily subdue him once enlarged by Toad’s spells. As the combat wound up Saad secured Father Gregory with the Rape Shackles while Urisk and Xeal did their best to loot the chapel (there was, unfortunately for them, little to find).

It was then that the door blew in with explosive force and flames, making Toad leap forward for cover. The elf outside had quickly grown impatient with the situation, and chosen to fire an alchemical grenade at the doors to remove the obstacle. As the majority of the party stared with horror at this stranger who had just destroyed any chance of their being subtle, Xeal chose to speak up and try to convince the elf that he had just intruded on a normal church service. Being successful in the lie, the elf was convinced, but indicated that he didn’t really care.

Before things could descend into combat once more, a familiar brown-robed figure walked into the chapel, clapping slowly as he did so. Saad and Toad quickly recognised this as Emmett, and demanded to know what he was doing here. Being cryptic as usual, he introduced the elf as Ginko, and said that he would be joining the group on the way to Iomedaea. This was (unsurprisingly) met with negative reactions, the group protesting that Ginko had likely spoiled their plans of subterfuge with a large and conspicuous explosion. Emmett offered to deal with this, however, and swept off into the night to attend to the villagers.

Shrugging off the odd circumstances, the group got to work preparing for Esveralda. Toad was handily aware of the appropriate rituals as a priest of Asmodeus, and set out a summoning circle of blood, three skulls (one having to be obtained from the graveyard, the other two being ripped from the dead paladins’ corpses) and a variety of small cutting instruments.
Esveralda made her appearance at midnight, being met at the door by Toad and led by hand to the sacrifice. The next three hours were a gory nightmare of violence and pain for Father Gregory as Esveralda took great pleasure in slowly escalating the torture she performed. Between strewing the priest’s intestines around the room, she offered Toad a kidney, which he unwillingly took a few mouthfuls of, marking his first taste of cannibalism.

Overall, the “date” went without a hitch- the erinyes sat with Toad on the altar beside the remains of the cleric and had a quiet chat about how things would pan out from here. The important points of the conversation included:

  • Esveralda is trapped on the Material Plane until Toad dies. She doesn’t seem to mind being stuck here, but did say that she would need certain pursuits to occupy her
  • Any creature summoned from a Book of Hell will attempt to kill you, regardless of what it may say to the contrary
  • Despite a long and unnatural life, she was unaware of the List and what it might mean

After what was an amicable conversation, Esveralda kissed Toad goodbye, and left him thankful that he had avoided her wrath once more. With that particular danger unlikely to surface again for now, the party now has a sermon to prepare for in a few hours time…

Session 8.5: Knowledge is Power
GM Notes

PCs: Garnidelia, Jack of Spades
20th – 27th of Phara, 179th Year of the Goddess
4 days left til Iomedaea

As the majority of the group made their way to the caves near Casta, Garny and Jack were left behind to tend to a sick Nazareth as best they could. Quickly realising that curing him of his food poisoning was beyond their skill, they decided to try and catch up with the others.

They found their way to the cave easily enough, with the footprints of the others marking their passage in the sand. Jack was inquisitive as to the nature of the yellow gas coming from the entrance, taking a deep lungful and getting sick for his troubles. Choosing not to push the issue, the pair were going to leave when they heard the approach of footsteps from within the cave. This turned out to be a gnome druid and bastard sword-wielding half-orc who greeted Garny and Jack civilly, but did not answer any questions. Without much to say to each other, the half-orc and gnome departed in the direction of Iomedaea, while Jack and Garny decided to get a head start on the party and head to Jebagara.

The two travelers stopped by in Huxton in the early evening, quickly picking up some much needed supplies for the road ahead. The little village was not able to supply a normal sleeping roll, however, and a rough spun sack filled with wheat stalks was the next best alternative. Being used to a more luxurious lifestyle, Garnidelia initially turned her nose up at the idea of using this, but relented with no other options available to her (it turned out to make for a moderately uncomfortable night’s sleep).

Three days travel later and the pair found themselves at the walls of Jebagara, the city sprawling before them to the north. Jack took careful note of the elven forces camped at the western wall, but neither Jack nor Garny could recall why there would be enmity between Jebagara and the Khanate. Shrugging it off, Jack was sent out to scout the full scope of the city, passing by most (if not all) of the key locations of Jebagara.

Upon returning to Garny the pair went to the Minotaur’s Horns to enjoy a meal at the popular tavern. The tavern seemed to house all sorts of patrons, with rowdy gnomes making a nuisance of themselves to a group of Slash Happy mercenaries discussing a contract with a client in one of the more quiet booths. It was one of the more unassuming customers that Garny took an interest in, however, noticing that he was so normal to the extent of being unnaturally so. She chose to take a seat and exchange words with the stranger, but received no straightforward replies. He did, however, express an intent to meet her again, before attempting to slip away in the crowded space of the tavern.

This did not escape Jack’s notice and the eidolon attempted to follow the stranger from the tavern. He wasn’t stealthy enough to avoid notice, though, and the stranger turned to threaten him with a hidden blade. Not wishing to press the issue, Jack let the man leave, with yet more questions to be answered.

Determined to find some answers, Jack and Garny set off to the Library of Irori. With various books of knowledge at their disposal they were able to find out a great deal more information including:

  • some basic information on past conflicts between the Khanate and Jebagara
  • more specifics on some of the names on the List
  • knowledge of the four Orders of Iomedae

Garny also stumbled upon a neglected storage room containing back-ups of all the contracts for the Slash Happys and the Bloodrunners for the past 100 years (nat 20). She recorded as many of the notable contracts as she could, sure that something within them might prove useful at a later date.

Working in the library until late meant that Garny chose to stay at the Minotaur’s Horns for the night, resulting in a much more comfortable night’s sleep than her improvised sleeping roll. Determined to avoid having to use it again, she bought a proper sleeping roll from the first vendor she saw, then set off on the two and half day trip to the Last Rest.

Taking the trade road to their next destination saw the pair travel with a great deal more traffic, the result of the many travelers who wished to see the new heroes in Iomedaea. There was also a marked increase in the presence of the Knights of Egalite, the paladins seemingly out to watch over those flocking to the holy city.
The duo arrived at the Last Rest and were immediately aware of the large number of adventurers around them, ranging from hardened veterans to young farmhands who had clearly only recently learned to wield a sword. Garny deduced that they were likely here to participate in the Champion’s Tourney, hoping to face off against the best of the best (or even the Hand of Iomedae, if they were lucky).

Wandering among the many magic shops, blacksmiths and taverns, Jack spotted a group of travellers attempting to be inconspicuous with their hoods up. This was largely made ineffective due to the hulking seven foot figure who would lift up his hood and occasionally wave to passersby, a gleaming smile beaming out from beneath the hood. Jack quickly realised that this was likely to be Salvador, and attempted to follow the group while using his Hat of Disguise.
This did not go unnoticed, however, and Jack quickly found himself slammed against the wall in a darkened alleyway by one of the travellers with a bow aimed at his eye. Jack made an attempt at playing innocent, but the bowman remained unconvinced, especially after seeing through the illusion. Mentally contacting Garny, Jack was quickly un-summoned, leaving the frustrated bowman with no clue as to where he had disappeared.

Deciding to try to make her way into the city with the minimum amount of fuss, Garny made to cross over the Scales of Justice, but quickly stopped when she realised the Knights were making alignment checks on everyone crossing the bridge. She was luckily able to find a merchant who had a scroll of undetectable alignment, and hastily cast the spell on herself before the merchant could realise his mistake in selling it.

Able to make it into the city after the day long trek across the Scales, Garny chose to take rooms at the Red Parrot in Espoir. She also paid the innkeeper to look out for the rest of the party, and tell them that they could find her here when they arrived.
And with that, Garnidelia headed off to the libraries of Iomedaea, keen to learn as much as she could before the others arrived in the city…

Session 8: Love Conquers All
GM Notes

PCs: Toad, Saad, Urisk, Xeal
Ring of NPC: Nazareth, Garnidelia, Jack of Spades
20th of Phara, 179th Year of the Goddess
12 days left til Iomedaea

With the blood of their enemies soaking into the sand, the group stood triumphant once more (if not a little battered by the experience). Toad took the opportunity to loot the dead of their possessions, lifting the most choice items from Lop’s corpse. More intent on catching their breath, the rest of the party chose to make no issue of his claiming the majority of the loot. In addition to some useful items, Toad also found instructions from W, G & Associates instructing Lop and his follow mercenaries to keep anyone from going near the cave.

It was then with impeccable timing that Saad and Xeal came over the rise of the dunes, having travelled from Casta and followed in the party’s footsteps. Xeal had been similarly hired by White, Grey & Associates to head to the cave and had joined Saad on the road for the sake of having a travelling companion. Upon realising that the people he was meant to join had just been slaughtered, Xeal noticeably panicked, and it took no time before the others had him surrounded with weapons at the ready.

Realising that honesty was the best chance of getting out of the situation alive, Xeal stuck to the truth- his employers were owners of a chain of magic shops, and he was only on a contract basis to pick up some extra cash. Despite some members of the group gleefully discussing the possibility of using the Rape Shackles on the unfortunate sorcerer, they agreed that he was probably telling the truth, and he could at the very least be used as cannon fodder when entering the cave.
It was at this point that the fish that Nazareth ate decided to reappear, and the dwarf was violently sick. With the majority of the party not wanting to deal with a sick dwarf, Garnidelia and Jack volunteered to stay back and watch him.

Travelling to the cave was uneventful, and the party soon found the rocky entrance to the cave protruding from the dunes, with an unhealthy looking yellow gas seeping from the entrance. The party decided a stealthy approach was best, keeping lights to a minimum (most of the party being able to see in the dark, anyway). Making their way through the cave system, the group went out of their way to investigate every nook and cranny in the hope of finding treasure. Only Saad saw real success, however, finding a ring of amethyst engraved with the words “Yours forever and always” (nat 20).

Their actual spelunking was met with mixed results- while the majority of the party managed to leap across the treacherous natural pits, Xeal was hampered by the lack of light, and took a fall when not guided by his companions. The only other problem the party encountered was a bone box (Saad and Toad backing away from this now easily recognised danger) which was easily disarmed by Urisk. Upon successfully disarming it, he attempted to remove the explosive, but instead rendered it inert.

Coming to the end of the cave system, the more alert of the group heard someone humming, and geared up to attack. They moved forward cautiously into a large cavern lit dimly by the luminescent molds and fungi growing from the walls. In the center of the space was a large metal cube- one of the steel walls had been bent upwards, as if explosively ruptured from the inside, and a hatch on another side was hanging open. A familiar figure then walked out from behind the cube, tossing a skull up and down casually with her velociraptor close behind.

Saad and Toad recognised this as Piper and held off from attacking to ask her what she was doing here. She replied that she was still working for the same person, after a fashion, and had been told there was something interesting in the area to pick up. She was also able to confirm that it was the skull that had been causing the problems in the area, but that it was not doing so at present. Toad took the chance to take a look at the skull, noticing the runes carved into it and the overpowering evocation aura that it gave off.

Despite the lack of answers, the group made a collective shrug and chose not to question Piper any more (though Urisk did take the time to ask for her number). She took her leave, popping her head around the corner to warn that Toad could expect a mutual acquaintance to make an appearance shortly. Saad (once shrunken back to normal) took a look in the steel box- it housed a pedestal, a strange box on a strut in one corner pointed at the pedestal, and a long thin staff, supported by another staff, pointed at the pedestal, with black foam over its tip. With little to no idea of what to make of it, the group chose to head back to Casta and claim their reward. Heading back through the caves, Xeal was unfortunately so caught up in trying to remember where the pits were that he managed to fall back into the same pit. Determined to redeem himself, he took a run at the wall and jumped nimbly from wall to wall of the pit, finishing with a final somersault up to the incredulous onlookers. He did this so well, in fact, that he convinced most of the party he had intended to fall (Urisk, though, looked on skeptically).

As they approached the village the group started to hear the sounds of screams accompanied by vile imprecations screamed out of a set of lungs more powerful than any mere mortal. This turned out to be Esveralda, out for Toad’s blood and laying into the helpless villages.Upon seeing Toad, she grew even more enraged, swearing to rip his head off. Toad responded in his usual fashion, shooting web at her to delay her as best as he could, then turning invisible and scarpering off. The others chose not to get involved immediately, as the erinyes had not threatened them, but readied themselves to charge into battle.

Now for the fun part… This is why a natural 20 can be the most amazing thing to ever happen in a game.

Pulling free of the web and leaping into the air, Esveralda sprinted towards the house, seething with rage and bloodlust. On the other side of what seemed at that moment to be very thin wooden walls stood Toad, back to the wall and hoping that his invisibility would hold. As he heard the devil’s footsteps pound towards him, a strange idea came into his head. It was daring, incredibly dangerous and most certainly stupid, he thought, but it might just get him out of this.
He sidled along to the corner of the house, and spoke in possibly the most convincing tones of his young life,

“You’re still beautiful, you know.”

Esveralda stopped, dumbstruck. She’d never been called beautiful before- not that there was a lot of compliments given in hell, of course. She’d been bullied, she’d been tortured, she’d been abused, but never complimented. She knew what a compliment was, of course, and how courtship worked- she’d been summoned by enough jilted lovers to be subject to their moaning of how things should go in the course of love. But she’d never been called beautiful before, and with her face as it was, she never thought she would be.

Her sword tip wavered, and lowered a little.

Releasing a breath he hadn’t realised he was holding, Toad cautiously looked around the corner at the devil. She was still tense, but she was clearly waiting for something. He searched deep within himself, and found the words to go on.

“A lady as beautiful as you deserves something special.”

Esveralda subconsciously started twirling a curl of her hair with one hand. She was struggling with emotions that no erinyes had ever experienced before, and it was quiet for a long while before she answered.

“Are you asking me on a date?”

At seventeen years of age and with absolutely zero dating experience, Toad (having ducked back behind the relative safety of the corner) had something of a dilemma. On the one hand, saying yes would yield a date with an incredibly attractive (minus half her face) devil. On the other, she was likely to rip him into tiny little pieces if he stopped now.
He let out a very quiet sigh, and shrugged to himself. You only live once, he thought.

“I know this lovely little chapel just a few hours from here. Why don’t you and I meet there in a little while, and we can discuss this over the sacrifice of a priest?

Whirling around the corner, Esveralda stood face to face with Toad, looking straight into his eyes. She narrowed her eyes, but sheathed her sword. (The others looked on with incredulity, Urisk making encouraging gestures at where he guessed Toad to be.)

“How do I know this isn’t just a plan to run away from me? Mortals flee from prospective partners all the time.”

Toad mustered all of his charm, and pressed on.

“I just want everything to be perfect for you. You can trust me.”

For a tense moment, Esveralda’s stare bored into Toad, searching for any scrap of dishonesty. Being apparently satisfied with what she found, she deftly wove some strands from her rope into a small bracelet.

“I will trust you, mortal. But you will take this with you as proof of your sincerity, so I might seek you out wherever you are. We will meet again at noon on the morrow. But for now, I have a job to finish.”

And with that, she turned away from Toad and flew at the shocked villagers with renewed ferocity, laughing in a beautiful tone that belied her savagery.

At this point the party decided that if the village was going to die, they might as well help out in the slaughter. Toad, Urisk and Xeal set about dealing death in their own unique ways, and Saad set about taking whatever valuables he could find in addition to their reward. And so, the adventurers make their first real mark on the world as villains, figures to be feared by all as butchers and murderers.

Session 7: Numbers and Names
GM Notes

PCs: Toad, Saad, Nazareth, Urisk, Garnidelia, Jack of Spades
Ring of NPC: N/A
17th – 20th of Phara, 179th Year of the Goddess
12 days left til Iomedaea

Some time after the Lotani Heist…
Four adventurers received a simple message asking them to attend the Tavadon Annual Gala, with a formal invitation from Lord Tavadon enclosed. Having been sufficiently intrigued by the message, they resolved to travel forth and see what excitement might await them.

In the present
Having successfully dealt with the guards of the vault, Toad and Saad were able to help themselves to the treasures held within. They were somewhat limited by the need to remain inconspicuous, however, and thus were forced to leave the large amounts of gold behind. Toad was able to fit the items for auction in his handy haversack without trouble, quickly detecting magic on each of the items to discern whether they might be harmful or not.
In the meantime, Saad took a crack at opening two of the crates to obtain some extra treasure- this, however, triggered off chromatic walls over the exits to the room.

Examining the chromatic walls and the magic that maintained them revealed them to be the work of El’Tiraniel. However, careful examination of the room showed that these walls were created in a different way to those back in the Merchant’s Guild Warehouse in Lotani- the magic was maintained by a lattice of energy between runes placed over the room. Between the two of them, Toad and Saad guessed that they could overload the magic by destroying the runes in a certain order. Some well-placed weapon strikes later, and they were able to leave the vault with their precious loot.

Meanwhile, four individuals of note were taking part in the festivities upstairs- Nazareth of the Dwarven Ballet was undertaking a difficult solo performance, and causing some consternation due to his lack of an axe; Urisk was quietly enjoying a drink in the stairwell courtyard and Jack and Garnidelia were separately participating in polite conversation. As Jack wandered through to the stairwell courtyard, both he and Urisk noticed a beautiful young woman smile and beckon them upstairs. Having no reason to doubt her, the two of them followed her (separately, and Urisk choosing to be stealthy) upstairs. Upon climbing the stairs, however, there was no sign of the woman, only a slightly ajar door to the room in front of them. Choosing to investigate, Jack was met with the sight of a dead body, the flesh of the face melted off in what was clearly a magical attack. A wandering guard chose this moment to pass by, and quickly sounded the alarm.

It was at this moment that Toad and Saad emerged from the stairs to the vault under invisibility to see shining translucent walls spring up around the perimeter of the estate. Not wanting to find out what the source of the alarm was, they quickly took advantage of the fact that the barrier had not formed above their head to use scrolls of fly to flee from the area.

Urisk, Jack, Garnidelia and Nazareth managed to escape any close scrutiny from the ensuing murder investigation, though the guards were somewhat taken aback when Nazareth attempted to use his credentials as a Ballet member to see the body. After some time, a spokesperson of the Khan (who had taken charge of proceedings) stepped forward to say that a culprit had been found, and the gala continued in a somewhat subdued manner. During this time, the mysterious young woman sought out the four adventurers and passed on another letter to them, this one giving them details of the others and instructions to seek out Paula Pinlights.

The two groups met as their eerily similar urchin guides led them to the meeting place slightly south of Tabody. Making no particular issue of the other group, all six allowed themselves to be blindfolded and taken to The Thieves’ Hideout, and were met by Paula and Singsing. Eager to get business out of the way first, Paula inquired after the shells, which were handed over without fuss. She turned to the newcomers and apologised for not having any jobs to hand over to them, but said that a hooded stranger had dropped off a note, paying good gold for delivering it to all six. Recognising from her description that this was probably Emmett, Toad stepped forward to take the note from her.

Upon inspection the note was revealed to be a list of names and numbers. Asking Paula for further information proved to be of no use, as she knew as little about the list as the group did. They did, however, notice the following:

  • As they watched, Lord Tavadon’s name was neatly lined through and added to the bottom of the list. The two numbers that were listed with him had a new name listed next to them.
  • Emmett was listed at the top, with as many as twenty numbers associated with him.
  • A few names were identified as standing out for being figures of significance in the last fifty years or so (see the List’s wiki page for current information identified)
    The group puzzled over the information, and decided (at least temporarily) that it seemed to be a hit list of some kind, and the number of numbers indicated the level of challenge that each assassination would pose. It did, however, seem odd that Emmett would give them a hit list including himself.

Deciding to flee Tabody and the increased presence of guards there, the group (deciding to travel together for now) took to the trade road, setting up for the night after a few hours travel. Toad and Saad took the opportunity to move away from the others and identify their treasure, with Toad casting an illusion over them to hide from prying eyes. Jack and Urisk did manage to follow them undetected, but due to what they could hear, combined with an inability to see, were led to believe Toad and Saad were having an intimate moment together.

Upon return to the main campsite, all of the adventurers tried their hand at gathering up rumours and useful information (with Saad attempting to and failing to intimidate a small child). Information gathered included:

  • confirmation of the death of Lord Tavadon
  • rumours of disturbances near the southern shore of Lake Maseron. Villagers have heard strange howls across the lake, and the abandoned villa on the lake has reportedly been seen lit up at night.
  • reports of dead sea life and spoiled food close to the village of Casta on the north coast

The majority of the party decided to investigate the happenings in Casta, while Saad chose to forge ahead to The Last Rest to make use of his smuggling contacts to secure lodgings and easy access into Iomedaea. The party arrived in the village after two days of travel and found the villagers to be withdrawn and depressed at their plight. The fish that was up for offer was shrunken and looked unhealthy, though that didn’t stop Nazareth from eating one. Talking to a more assertive villager revealed that the problem had only started a week or so ago, shortly after a wizard had visited the village, asking about a cave close by. With a small crowd gathering, the elderly town mayor stepped forward to ask the group if they would solve the problem, and offered (reluctantly) a bottle that the town divers used when searching for pearls.

Making their way to the cave, the group came upon a halfling who casually introduced himself as Lop. It didn’t take long to realise his intentions were hostile, however, and he and his battleaxe wielding companions attacked the party. The fight was short and vicious, with the party coming out triumphant due in main part to Toad’s successful manipulation of his aqueous orb and devastating sneak attacks from Urisk. They know little of Lop’s motivations, however, and are still to find out what is causing this strange infection.

Session 6: How to Clown with Grease
GM Notes

PCs: Toad, Saad, Felicity
Ring of NPC: Lily
16th – 17th of Phara, 179th Year of the Goddess
15 days left til Iomedaea

GM Note: I lost the recording for this session, so notes may be patchy and slightly fictional.

The party chose to go along with Paula’s scheme as to not attract the authorities (and potentially score some extra loot). The pair conferred for a little while in the thieves’ den before realising that they needed some extra details on how they were to go about stealing the shells. Paula gave them a set of plans for Tavadon Hall and sent them back to where they were originally led from.

It was at this point that Lily decided that it would be best to lie low for a while to avoid Aldous being spotted by any interested parties. This left Toad and Saad with the more interesting job of scouting out Tavadon Halls and any potential weaknesses in its defences.

The pair set out for the Halls, stopping well short of its gates and the wary eyes of the sentries. For some reason, Saad got it into his head that it would be a good idea to throw Toad (possibly over the wall?), and proceeded to throw Toad into an active dispelling effect, where he was stripped of his invisibility. Toad responded in kind, creating a pit which Saad sprung out of with the greatest of ease (nat 20). Their scuffle (and the setting off of the magic trap) attracted the guards unsurprisingly and the duo quickly retreated to the relative safety of the forests nearby.

Paula had been watching their efforts with some amusement, however, and appeared to offer them an easy way into the festivities. After a night’s rest to reflect on how their time was better spent not attacking each other, they were greeted in the morning by messengers bearing clown outfits, with instructions to wear them to the gala. Saad was infuriated by the obvious insult, and threw his axe at the terrified messenger (intentionally missing).

The party returned to the Halls in full costume and were admitted without a fuss to the estate. Saad took the opportunity to summon two of his ghostly crewmen in the bathroom, sending them to look for anything of interest in the building. Shortly after the pair were called on to rehearse, and quite ably performed a clowning routine revolving primarily around Saad slipping in grease.

Returning to the bathroom, the ghosts reported that there was a switch of some kind in the library on the upper levels. Deciding to investigate, the two ran into Felicity, dressed in the finest elven finery and looking very much at home in the place. Felicity had been welcomed into Tavadon Hall after charming Malariel, and had been keeping a watchful eye on the two upon their arrival.

Saad and Toad told Felicity a little of their situation, and she saw fit to reveal that Malariel had been acting suspiciously around Lord Tavadon’s chambers.
Upon closer investigation of the two locations it was revealed that there were two switches that, when activated, allowed for passage down the central staircase to a basement level. While everyone was distracted by the arrival of the Khan, Toad and Saad snuck down to the staircase only to be confronted by the elven wizard they had first encountered in Lotani. He opted not to challenge them, instead setting his silvanshee companion on Toad’s imp. Undeterred, the duo headed down to the vault while Felicity took the chance to ingratiate herself with the elven nobility and illustrious guests.

Bashing their way through some animated statues and setting off a couple of traps, they handily dispatched the unwary guards in the vault. All that’s left is to get out without anyone noticing…

Session 5: Be Careful What You Wish For. . .
GM Notes

PCs: Toad, Lilly, Saad
Ring of NPC: Girthy, Piper
11th – 15th of Phara, 179th Year of the Goddess
17 days left til Iomedaea

We last left our villainous group examining the mysterious pillars of Dolmar, attempting to determine their function. While the pillars had captured the interest of Saad and Toad, they held little value for Tarquin, who had realised his pockets were substantially lighter than when he had last checked (Girthy had stolen a decent portion of his wealth some moments earlier). Realising that remaining with this group of strangers had a higher risk than he liked, he beat a hasty retreat. Girthy chose to follow his helpless mark, though it is not yet known whether the chose to kill the hapless Tarquin, or simply keep tabs on him til he departed the mines.

Having made a reasonably thorough investigation of the pillar and yielding few results, Toad decided to take an imprint of the etchings on the pool’s pillar for further examination. The duo made their way back to the Cauldron of Goop, having determined that the only way for them to proceed was through the ominous locked door that they’d left alone. Saad used his ever reliable Gloves of Retcon to check what was behind the door, finding a well maintained corridor, two now easily identifiable bone boxes and some suspiciously large piles of bones. Relating this to Toad, the somewhat weary pair decided that going through at half strength was a bad idea, and beat a hasty retreat to rest up and for Toad to recover his magic.

The party returned to the locked door after their short rest (joined again by Lilly), only to find that it had been flung open, chains hanging loosely from the frames. Proceeding cautiously, they were nevertheless ambushed by a large shambling skeleton rising from the detritus behind them. It posed little threat to an enlarged Saad and Lilly’s flailing hooves, however, and the skeleton quickly fell to the group’s onslaught. The bone boxes still posed an issue to the adventurers- the party lacked a rogue to disarm them and could not safely move between them without fear of setting them off to disastrous effect. Saad chose at this point to summon his ghostly crew for the first time to do a “fighter’s disarm” on the bone boxes, and simply ran them straight onto the traps.

Free to proceed at last, the group made their way through the eery corridor to the main chamber- a vast cavern that soared up into an impossible sky, at the center of which was a gigantic statue of a winged serpent. The dwellings on the edge of the cavern superficially resembled dwarven structures, but were made of all sorts of materials varying from steel to stone to petrified wood. As with the rest of Dolmar, piles of skeletons were strewn around, varying in shape, size and origin.

What drew the attention of the adventurers was a ominous glow from within a hollow in the statue, from which a scrawny ratman emerged, raving and cursing the adventurers. Confronting him, Toad managed to calm him enough to find out that his name was Nelod, and that he was attempting to resurrect his god, Quetzla Q’tal. Despite Toad’s best efforts, the enraged Nelod quickly attacked, with his power seemingly enhanced by a ring that he wore (the source of the purple glow from earlier). Toad was able to discern that this immense power was in fact an illusion of some sort, and the group quickly pummeled him to near-death before he teleported in a burst of purple flame. They had but a moment to rest before he quickly appeared again at full health, but Nelod was quickly left a meaty stain after a thrashing from Lilly.

Having dealt with Nelod, the adventurers were free to loot the chamber, finding 500gp worth of gems and a large trapped chest. Lilly was somehow able to deal with the trap, which opened to reveal that the chest was full of gold (1200gp). (It was never established how the group decided to share the treasure between them.)

The ring lay abandoned, having rolled from Nelod’s finger after his death, still flaring with arcane energies. Being the most magically inclined of the group and assuming that this was the ring of wishing that the group had pursued, Toad gingerly picked up the ring, wiping the bloodstains from it. Upon contact, he began to hear seductive whispers in his mind telling him to put on the ring which he managed to partially (but not successfully) throw off. Attempting to discard it, he found that it had teleported onto his familiar and had bound itself to it. Despite attempts to remove it without harm, the only successful result was from gruesomely removing the affected limb of his familiar. Deciding to get as far from the obviously cursed ring as possible, the group left the chamber and were able to exit Dolmar without any further problems (though Toad continues to hear whispers from the ring whenever he thinks of it, growing ever louder).

Setting out again, the group made their way to the military town of Myrt. Paying for rooms at the Sound and Snoring, the three decided to take some time off from each other to explore the town at leisure. Toad chose to go head off to the Hall of Learning, wanting to do some research on Jarltungstr Dwemen. He found that Dwemen had been a hands-on authority on divine entities after perusing Dwemen’s Guide to the Gods. Of particular interest was an entry on Umearhu, in which Dwemen discussed potential methods in which the minor aspects of the evil God might be bound and confined. He was interrupted in his research by Quarth, who displayed more than a passing interest in the wizard.

In the meantime, Lilly was taking her meat puppet Aldous on a walk through the markets. Interesting gossip that she picked up included:

  • The new heroes of the age, dubbed the Hand of Iomedae, were headed for blessing in Iomedaea, and a great festival was to be held in their honour
  • Bounties were still out for Aldous, with a slight increase in the reward
  • There were goblin raiding parties in the area that needed to be dealt with
  • There had been sightings of a devil plaguing the trade road to Tabody
    With some excess time on their hands, Lilly and Toad chose to take the job posting for the goblins, neatly routing them and receiving a 200gp reward from Quarth. (Saad decided to avoid the idea altogether and stay at his rooms at the Sound & Snoring.) The two managed to gain some minor goodwill in doing so, being referred to as “the pasty youth and that camel”.

The party set off once again from Myrt, choosing not to linger overlong in such a good oriented city, and traveled to Tabody. They were accosted on the road by a Khanate patrol, the leader of whom chose to insult Saad. Showing some loyalty to Saad, Toad caused the horse to buck off his rider, but the group managed to depart the confrontation without resorting to violence.

Upon reaching Tabody, the group were passed by a group of gnomes searching for Aldous. With Lilly quickly shielding the gnome with her bulk, Saad intimidated the gnome seekers with his size (and axe), passing into the city proper. The group decided to seek out the criminal element of the city for some fun, with Saad using his criminal know-how (and a small bribe to an urchin) to arrange a meeting with Paula Pinlights, the leader of the thieves in town.

The urchin led the group out of town where they were blindfolded and led to the thieves’ den, a series of mine caverns which appeared to be newly under construction. It was there they met Paula and her lumbering henchman Sing Sing. Paula had obviously recognised Aldous among them and also identified them as the perpetrators of the Lotani heist, but wasn’t quite ready to turn them over to the law. Instead, she wished the team to steal a collection of conch shells from an elf noble named Malariel, a minor noble of House Tavadon. The shells are to be auctioned off within a few days at the annual city gala, held chiefly in Tavadon Halls. It seems that this would be the best opportunity to pull of a daring heist. . .

Most Kills: Not Counted

Session 4.5: A Girl and her Axe
GM Notes

PCs: Felicity
11th Phara, 179th Year of the Goddess
22 days left til Iomedaea

Last time we saw Felicity she was being relentlessly chased by an enchanted greataxe through the ruins of Dolmar. After being chased through the marketplace and down a side passage, Felicity was cornered in an old forge that had seen much better days.
Turning on her heel, she spun to face the greataxe, falling to her knees and pleading innocence, saying that she was forced to do evil against her will. She was so persuasive in doing so (taking advantage of her Empathy) that the axe paused mid-swing, and dimmed its flames. Throwing up her empty hands, Felicity did her best to look defenseless and took the opportunity to breathe.

From all around an earthy, female dwarven voice could be heard, and Felicity was surrounded by a soothing aura, reminiscent of hearth and home. Felicity attempted to bluff to the presence as to her actions, but was answered with a feeling of light amusement, like a parent catching a child in a lie. After healing Felicity somewhat, the presence subsided, and Felicity was left alone with the axe.

After some conversation between the two (the axe replying in mental images), Felicity was able to discern that the axe was named Helmsplitter, and that it was motivated to break the ‘spell’ over Felicity. Inquiring as to whether it was within the axe’s power to cure her, she was answered by the image of a high mountaintop, and two giant rough-hewn statues holding hands. Helmsplitter also offered to guide Felicity, leading her out of Dolmar and on the path to Myrt.

After an hour’s walk towards Myrt, Felicity noticed a figure approaching from the city at a moderate speed. This turned out to be Quarth, who greeted the axe with some familiarity, and said he’d been sent by a vision. He was able to enlighten Felicity about the mountaintop, saying that it was the heart of the Jorrbun Mountains, a place of great significance and where the dwarven people were made. Accompanying Felicity into Myrt proper, he took ownership of Helmsplitter and bid her good luck in her travels.

Session 4: The Deadly Adamantine Garbage Disposal
DM Notes

PCs: Felicity, Girthy, Toad and Saad
Guest PCs: Tarquin
Ring of NPC: Piper, Lilly

11th Phara, 179th Year of the Goddess
22 days left til Iomedaea

After having disposed of the last of the undead menaces, Saad and Lilly decided to check the earlier rooms from which they’d come to ensure no other creatures would be sneaking up on them. In the meantime, Toad and Girthy attended to the unconscious Felicity, and coming up with some way to heal the wraith’s deadly touch. Girthy immediately directed Toad to the cauldron whose contents had proven so deadly to the wraith, but varied in effect.

A closer inspection of the cauldron identified it as the Cauldron of Goop, a dwarven wizard who had spent his long years of life attempting to perfect a completely random source of magic, with this apparently being the culmination of his life’s work. After some inspection and contemplation of the contents of the Cauldron, Toad determined that he would be able to control the effects of the potion for a very short time.

After appropriately controlling the liquid, Toad managed to create a potion that cured both Felicity and Girthy of their ailments. He also checked that the flask of potion Girthy had taken was still alchemically stable, and not liable to become a dragon any time in the next couple of hours. While his efforts did make the Cauldron bubble and boil, the group managed to avoid any of its potentially ill effects.

Now feeling much better, Felicity took advantage of the newly made corpses to produce some new skeleton minions, while Girthy and Toad inspected the chest that had been in the corner of the market room. They discovered to their surprise and outrage that someone had stolen the contents of the chest before them! A quick search found the badly concealed Tarquin (in fact, they had noticed him earlier attempting to hide, but simply ignored him while he pilfered the chest). Despite this, however, they wordlessly allowed Tarquin to join the group.

(In reality, Girthy decided to vent his seething enmity against elves by stealing back the full contents of the chest from Tarquin, a handful of semi-precious stones.)

Presented with three potential ways through the caverns, the group decided to retrace their steps and head back to the cavern in which they had heard moaning. Finding that the door was soundly locked, Girthy stepped forward to deal with the problem. Sadly, the lock seemed more than sturdy enough for his tool kit as his favourite lockpick was broken and stuck in the lock (crit fail). Toad chose to step in at this moment and cast a knock spell, resulting in Girthy looking crestfallen as the lock mechanism fell to pieces and the door opened.

The room itself was quite a large space, with plenty of supply barrels, a long marble table topped with a candelabra, an exquisite dwarven rug, stone sarcophagi, dwarven remains (though appearing less tortured than earlier skeletons they’d happened across) and a large glowing great-axe. The group set about investigating the contents of the room, which yielded a few weapons from the weapon racks as well as spoiled food supplies. It was surmised that the chamber had been a safe room for the dwarves who had lived here, a last place to withdraw to should their city be invaded.

Tarquin advanced towards the sarcophagi, only to hear an ominous click, followed by the rug beneath his feet dropping out from under him. Vicious adamantine saw blades quickly chewed up the valuable antique, and he was left hopping to and fro to avoid the spinning blades. Although he took a few nicks, he managed to spring clear of the pit without the help of the others (nat 20), though he gave them disapproving looks for the lack of aid. Realising that the blades were made of adamantine, Girthy disarmed the trap, and made to take the blades. Sadly, he only succeeded in re-arming the trap, and whipped back his hands back quickly enough to avoid losing any fingers to the blades.

Felicity directed one of her skeletons to retrieve the great-axe from its pedestal as Toad checked the chests in the corner of the room. Both actions seemed to have adverse affects, however- the axe shone with energy, making the skeleton stumble in pain, and the moaning returned, revealing itself to be a mummy. Thinking fast, Toad went to his traditional strategy and created a pit, trapping the mummy. Despite Tarquin and Girthy being caught in its fearsome aura, the pit allowed the group enough time to rally Felicity’s skeletons and make quick work of it, capitalising on the mummy’s weakness to fire.

During this, the axe animated once, swooping around and slicing into one of Felicity’s larger skeletons, but went back to hovering ominously above its pedestal. As it posed no immediate threat to them, the group chose to loot the chests of their contents (a pair of boots and a small origami boat, both of which appeared to be magical). Turning to go back the way they had come, the rogues realised that a particularly powerful trap had armed itself, one that would release small targeted fireballs all along the room. At this point the group realised that dwarves were quite vengeful when it came to looters, and had apparently put into place safeguards to ensure that anyone taking time to loot would be killed.

Felicity walked a few skeletons through to determine whether that would be enough to deactivate the trap, but it seemed that it was triggered whenever anything went through. Girthy and Tarquin went to work, taking turns to disarm the trap, and gaining familiarity with the explosive results (it was a pretty high DC). Saad rejoined the party at this point, standing bemused at the doorway as the two rogues jumped and rolled out of the way of fireballs. Their efforts did eventually see success, and a small glowing bead popped out of the wall. This was determined to be a bead of Fireball, and was taken by Girthy for safekeeping.

Felicity was still focused on the great axe, however, examining it with a particularly fixed stare. To the surprise of the others, she began mentally and physically assaulting the axe, doing her best to destroy the weapon. At this point, the axe began to fight back viciously, cleaving through the skeletons around it, making short work of the smaller ones.
Seeing that the strength of her skeletons wouldn’t see her through, Felicity directed the larger skeleton to grab the axe and bear it down into the adamantine saw blades in order to destroy it. The axe avoided this as well, bursting through the skeleton’s spine to hover with violent intent above the pit.

Felicity took this as her cue to escape, and quickly ran from the mine, pursued by the axe (after it had finished with her last skeletons). The remainder of the party shrugged off her departure, and went to investigate the rest of the mines. Heading back to the Cauldron, the two remaining pathways for them were either a large, heavily locked door, or a a smaller, simple wooden door. Choosing ease over danger, they proceeded through the smaller of the two doors.

The adjoining chamber contained two dwarven statues on either side of an impressive stone altar. Skeletons surrounded the altar, all stretching towards a large ruby that sat upon it. Girthy was the first to go up and investigate, picking up the ruby as well as finding a secret compartment in the altar. This sprang open to reveal two items- a primitive knife made of obsidian and an old diary belonging to a Jarltungstr Dwemen. Tarquin successfully deciphered the diary, reading of two mysterious pillars that dwarves had unearthed, strange artifacts and script that looked like a warped version of Common.

Proceeding further through the passages, the group found the pillars described in the journal. One was in the center of a passage, with strange glass lenses assembled in it that could turn to view a passerby, and the other on a small island, surrounded by deep murky water. A closer inspection of the pillars noted that they were made of steel, bearing warped Common markings. Saad swam across to the second of the two, finding that it bore descriptions of particular items, locations and also bore the mark of a key that seemed to be able to open anything.

Girthy experimented with the closer of the two pillars, showing the ruby to the lenses. It spoke in warped Common, successfully translated as “Containment not required”. Upon further consideration, he then presented it with the obsidian knife, prompting the pillar to open a previously unseen slot. In a fit of whimsy (nat 1 on a failed will save), Girthy stuck his unmentionables in the slot, causing him considerable pain when it snapped shut quickly. Upon placing the knife in, the slot closed, and a sliding noise was heard, indicating that something within the pillar was descending down into the earth.

And so, with some puzzling mysteries laid before them, the group continued to examine the pillars before continuing after their goal- the ring of unlimited wishing. . .
Most Kills: Felicity

Session 3: A Haunted Mine and Glowing Cauldron
DM Notes

PCs: Felicity, Girthy, Lilly, Saad and Toad
Ring of NPC: Piper

9th-11th Phara, 179th Year of the Goddess
22 days left til Iomedaea

(Some detail may have been neglected here. Please feel free to add important details I might have missed!)

Our loveable group of evildoers reconvened in the meeting room where they had first met Emmett, some choosing to lounge on the couches wherever convenient, and others choosing to place themselves strategically, with Saad getting as far away from Felicity as possible. The group also had a chance to re-assess each other- a few noticed some new bloodstains on Felicity’s otherwise clean garb, while most noticed the new Ioun stone that buzzed around Toad’s head, zapping him and evading his attempts to reclaim it.

Emmett stood, and his normally partially concealed face became darker still, until it seemed like pitch blackness from under his cowl. Radiating power, it was clear that some part of Norgorber’s power had manifested within him, and everyone in the room felt compelled to kneel before him (except for Toad, who bowed his head, and Lilly, who blew at him (nat 20)).

One by one, he presented each of the adventurers with their first boon. Though the others never left the room, it seemed to them as if millions of images played in front of their eyes at the same time, obscuring their vision of Norgorber as he gave each of them their gifts. (None of the characters at this point in time know who received what as their gifts, save for Toad’s gift, the Book of Dis.)

After the presence of the God leaving him, Emmett slumped, and told the group that there would be no need of them until the 5th of Tora, at which point they should meet him in Iomedaea. He swept out of the room, and left them all to their personal musings.

The group split off, each to do their private actions, with a silent understanding that they would rejoin after having done so. Toad quickly found a spellcaster to remove the cursed Ioun stone from him, but was told that he would have to wait til the next day before it could be cast. Saad, Girthy and Lilly ventured through the Low Places to find a map, and eventually found a merchant with some up-to-date maps of Tyreth. Saad and Girthy attempted to discern whether the merchant was being truthful about the state of the maps, but were primarily treated to glares from the lizardfolk for questioning the quality of his goods. Saad and Lilly both bought a map at 2gp each, and left the merchant.
Felicity rested to recover much needed energy, then went in search of a blacksmith. She eventually happened upon the forge of Hauss, who ignored her polite greeting. A significant change of mood overtook Felicity, who then approached the blacksmith threateningly, getting his attention (gruff as it was). She then ordered a set of masterwork manacles, which the smith said he could get done quickly.

Girthy took the opportunity to do some petty thievery, and quickly found his way to a (relatively) unprotected new merchant house, enjoying the benefits of his new senses and stealing some semi-valuable items for re-sale in the Low Places. Upon heading back down below the city, both he and Saad ran into Toad, who was selling off some goods that he hadn’t previously been noticed to have carrying. Saad had strong suspicions that these were taken from the Guild Warehouse, and demanded his cut. Despite trying to persuade Saad that this was not the case, he parted with some of his takings to assure Saad’s silence to the rest of the group.

Meeting up once more in the private room, Saad and Lilly determined that Iomedaea would be approximately 16 days travel away, leaving them time to pursue other things if they wished. Floating around town had been several rumours, including tell of an unlimited ring of wishing in Dolmar, a continued bounty for a gnome (whom some of the party identified as Aldous), whisperings of something stirring beneath the Low Places in access tunnels long forgotten and the execution of a Dhampir accused of breaking into the Guild Warehouse. Saad and Toad quickly recognised this as being Ms Terspungecake, and along with Girthy decided to go watch the execution later that afternoon.

The execution took place in the town square, with Jomba shouting angrily at the ranger, getting himself worked up in his tirade of insults in front of the gathered crowd. Those of the party attending the execution stayed back, not wanting to be recognised. Upon the executioner swinging his axe, however, the Dhampir seemed to shimmer and disappear, leaving the crowd booing and disappointed. (Those who succeeded at the check recognised it as a similar effect to that which Norgorber had caused earlier in their conversations.) Deprived of their spectacle, the crowd dispersed, as did the characters.

Waiting the additional day for the manacles to be made and the remove curse to be prepared, the group set off the next morning, leaving from the northern gate. They were met shortly after by Felicity, who appeared with a group of skeletons in tow, some smaller, some larger. Starting off on the main trade road, they did pass some gnome scouts, but a quick invisibility spell from Toad hid Aldous from view.

Travelling for two days on magical steeds (though the magic did nothing against saddle sores), the party set off for Dolmar, and the rumour of the absurdly powerful ring. Travelling by day, and the skeletons catching up through the night, the second morning was greeted by the sounds of crying from near Felicity. This was soon to be discovered emanating from her Stuffed Griffon, apparently now haunted by the spirit of Trevor. As all good adventurers do, the party shrugged off this development and headed into the depths of Dolmar.

Progressing past the subterranean main square and into the more disused tunnels below, the group ran across a couple of bone boxes. Girthy attempted to disarm one with limited success, and the group shortly became entangled in a battle with a brute wight, a wraith and a zombie wolf. Although their opponents were all felled in time, Girthy and Felicity both felt the fell touch of the wraith, suffering severe damage to their health.

Of particular interest to the party was a cauldron full of a glowing, golden liquid that aided greatly in Girthy’s fighting off the wraith. With seemingly random magical effect, this could be quite the asset to the party if properly controlled. . .


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