This is a list of all the NPCs, alive or dead. A useful reference list for either a hit list, or if you just want to try and remember who the person you just killed was.
List NPCs by name, role and alignment. Where possible try to group NPCs, but it will be cleaned up later anyway.


Significant NPCs

Chosen of Norgorber
Hand of Iomedae
Forces of Good
  • Saad, that bastard who did a runner, N

Other NPCs

House Aecoma
House Tavadon
  • Malariel, elf noble, NG
House Lofallan
Gyntuckets Citizens
  • Dawn, Human Daughter of Day, The Lawful Flame, LG
  • Varen, half-elf tailor, NG
  • Andron Tomlin, owner of Andron’s Weaves, NG
  • Oliver Traquette, owner of Oliver’s Tomes, NG
  • Octavius Beauregarde, proprietor of the Red Parrot, LG
  • Mother McKinney, Half-Elf Mother Superior of the Embrace of Kindness Orphanage, LG
  • Eliza, Human Daughter of Day, LG
  • Lavendrop, Knight of Egalite Gnome Captain, LG
  • Edgar, half-orc bookie, N
  • Lord Harvald Manners, LN
  • Edward Mulligan, LN
  • Evelyn Lockley, human leader of the Bloodrunner mercenaries, N
  • Smitty Gorehands, human leader of the Slash-Happy mercenaries, NG
  • Donovan, guard in the employ of the Merchant’s guild, N
  • Gavin, human city guard, CG
Karrsk Tribespeople
  • Vraak N’Karrsk, Karrsk Tribesman, NG
  • Open-Palm, formerly Ferr T’Karrsk, N
The Last Rest
  • Marc Tepanus, owner of Tepanus’s Mysteries, N
  • Adatio Lorenz, innkeeper at the Raucous Raven, N
  • “Ritzy” Rita Turner, owner of Ritzy Rita’s, CG
  • Dannee Boi, half-elf barkeep, LG
  • Zoot Tarrant, human barkeep, LN
  • Urgrosh, orc barkeep, N
  • Hauss, blacksmith, N
  • Durrk N’Karrsk, Karrsk Teacher, Glass Man, NG
  • Jomba, Merchant, Glass Man, LN
  • Durbin, Noble, Glass Man, LN
  • Songval, Banker, Glass Man, N
  • Yem, Priest of Abadar, Glass Man, LN
Myrt Citizens
Newarre Citizens
  • Paula Pinlights, halfling crime boss, CN
  • Singsing, human enforcer, N
  • Seamus, human guard, N
  • Lecturer Bob, human lecturer at Abellum’s School of Engineering, NG
  • Finnegan, halfling con artist, CN
  • Pepperdin, gnome rogue, CN
  • Lyrellyn, elf mage, CN



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