CG Wizard


Magic & Spells

1st Level (6/day)
Burning Hands, Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp, Mage Armour, Grease, Enlarge Person, Reduce Person, Expeditious Retreat, Vanish, Protection from Evil

2nd Level (5/day)
Flaming Sphere, Scorching Ray, Mirror Image, Resist Energy

3rd Level (4/day)
Fireball, Chain Lightning, Explosive Runes, Protection from Energy

Barred Schools: Necromancy, Enchantment
Specialised School: Evocation (Admixture)


Bartholomew was born into the Lesser House of Idrylleth on the edges of Haradral. Living on the borders of Khanate land meant that even from a young age Bartholomew was aware of the simmering resentment and borderline conflict between Khanate elves and the other races. His grandfather, a former Knight of Aecoma, instructed him in the ways of the Khanate and the natural superiority of elves, leading to Bartholomew developing a disdain of the “lesser races”.

His family did not provide the majority of his upbringing, however, as he was sent to the House of Moon and Stars as soon as his talent with magic manifested. It was here that he was initiated into the mystic arts, the art of political intrigue and a new world of learning. Bartholomew applied himself with diligence, and was quickly able to impress his teachers and peers with his magical prowess. As his study progressed he chose to specialise in evocation, with its sheer power matching his blunt and at times too forward personality.

Bartholomew joined the Hand of Iomedae as the group’s third member, after Salvador and Periwinkle. The pair visited the House of Moon & Stars after Salvador received an oracular message to seek out an elf for the party. Salvador grabbed the first elf he could find (literally grabbing and carrying him) and Peri managed to explain before there could be any further misunderstanding.

Personality and Relationships

Bartholomew can at times seem arrogant, but his arrogance is often backed up by skill. He is not particularly charismatic, but is capable of speaking for hours on end about literature and philosophy. He believes that might is not always right, but that there are few issues that a well-aimed fireball cannot solve.


The fact that Ilu-Gwaith has chosen a goblin to protect the world from the forces of evil troubles Bartholomew deeply, and he makes no effort to hide it. He believes that Kiril is the weakest link in the party despite the goblin proving his usefulness time and time again.


Nodrak’s social awkwardness makes it difficult for Bartholomew to relate to him. Bartholomew is interested in divine magic however, and its applications with his evocation magic- talk about magical theory is the closest that the two get to bonding. Bartholomew also appreciates the dwarf’s cooking, though he would never let on that his elven rations are inferior.


Peri is Bartholomew’s favourite among the group- she is quick-witted, intelligent and always happy to have a conversation. The pair have spent many a late night talking about magic and philosophy as the campfire dies down to embers. He treats her like the little sister he never had, and is quick to come to her defense whenever she gets in trouble.


Bartholomew is constantly frustrated by Salvador and his lack of intelligence. While the rest of the group find Salvador’s simplistic mindset refreshing, Bartholomew can’t stand extended periods of time with Salvador without at least one other person to talk to.


Bartholomew has trouble not judging Steve on his heritage, seeing the human part of him as being inferior. When Bartholomew is able to overcome his racism he enjoys spending time with Steve- neither of the two have any problem saying what they mean, and their blunt honesty means the two have gotten to know each other well over their travels.


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