Markas Thundersails

A dwarf pirate with a cheerful demeanor that hides mistrusting eyes and a shifting stance.


A cheerful dwarf that seems to be always evaluating everyone in the room.
Seems fairly well built, if a bit thin for a dwarf. Not the prettiest flower in the meadow, now featuring a lovely claw scar across his face.
Despite his apparent cautious nature, is a bit of a hedonist and takes every effort to enjoy life to the fullest.


Found by Toad and Xeal chained to a pillar in the mansion of the Vampire Du Pont. Agreed to owe them a favor in return for being unchained.

After defeating the Vampire Du Pont, Markas was enticed by Emmett to join the adventuring party that had saved him.

Setting up their base of operations at the now claimed Du Ponts castle they set out to stop Hastelaseth, a chaotic evil dragon sweeping across the land and threatening Emmetts plans.

Markas Thundersails

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