Nigel Tompson

LG Gnome Advisor to Aldous II


Nigel was a kindly old soul, and had known Aldous II for a good part of his life, growing up as neighbours. As such, he saw his childhood friend race off towards adventure and return home with a modest swag of treasure and an offer of employment. Seeing a chance to do some good, Nigel gladly accepted, becoming Aldous the Elder’s advisor, helping to mediate with the gnome nobility who didn’t think Aldous’ new title and position was deserved.
He also had the rather thankless task of being godfather to Aldous III, and was forever chasing after him in his many and varied misdeeds. This led to him accompanying the younger Aldous to the Tehfahn Desert, where he was slain by Lily in the Temple of Norgorber.

Nigel enjoyed history and art, and dabbled in the healing arts where he could. His true passion was exploring the books of yesterday, and finding out what secrets the past could teach the world.

Nigel Tompson

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