NG Dwarf Cleric


Age: 56
Height: 4 ft 3 in
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Blue


Nodrak was born and raised in Zelft Durrharten as a member of the Sigrud clan. It was assumed that he would tend to the giant library caverns of the city for the rest of his life as his parents had done before him- the young dwarf was instead chosen to instead join the priesthood of Gurtralda as a novice. While Nodrak’s previous book learning from studying the cavern archives served him well in learning a cleric’s skills, his focus (bordering on obsession) on study meant that his social skills suffered as a result.

Nodrak was the fourth to join the Hand of Iomedae, meeting with the group in Myrt. Nodrak had been sent as a messenger from the Sigrud Jarltungstr to Quarth, bringing news of Zelft Durrharten and seeking news of the Khanate’s movements. Quarth took the opportunity to introduce Nodrak to Salvador and company, at which point Salvador went into one of his trances and identified Nodrak as necessary to the group.

Personality and Relationships

Nodrak is very much an introvert, preferring reading books and scrolls to having to interact with people. When he is forced to interact with people he is very shy, nervous and prone to excited outbursts. Beneath the layer of social anxiety lies a sweet, compassionate and thoroughly good dwarf. While he can sometimes be tempted by the lure of gold and all things free, Nodrak does his best to live by the principles of the Earth Mother and offer kindness and healing to those in need.


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