Periwinkle Butterscotch

CG Gnome Bard


Magic and Spells

0 Level (unlimited)
Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation, Light, Read Magic, Summon Instrument

1st Level (6/day)
Cure Light Wounds, Expeditious Retreat, Hideous Laughter, Ventriloquism

2nd Level (6/day)
Invisibility, Cure Moderate Wounds, Cat’s Grace, Fox’s Cunning


Periwinkle (or Peri, as she likes to be known) comes from a long line of Butterscotchs that can trace their heritage back to the first founders of Nobbletweed. Her family own a sweets and confectionary shop in Nobbletweed, one of a dozen or so in the town. Like most gnomes Peri grew up naturally inquisitive, a trait that blossomed into interests in many and varied fields.

Peri was the first to join Salvador in what wouid become the Hand of Iomedae, meeting Salvador by happenstance as he passed through Tinpaktu. Peri offered to give Salvador a tour of the city, an offer that Salvador happily accepted. Upon hearing Salvador’s story and his reason for travelling Peri decided that she would travel with him, embracing the opportunity to learn more about the world and do some good.


Peri is the most kind-hearted and caring individual that you could imagine; she believes in equality for all people, no matter their race or character. Her empathy for the plight of others can sometime get her into trouble, however, as she has an impetuous streak, jumping into help without a second thought.
While she usually has a bright and bubbly personality, her mood will at times slip at a moment’s notice into negativity and depression. She tries to maintain a facade of happiness when this happens, but can end up spending full days crying before her normal more manic state takes over again.


Peri loves her family dearly but finds them restricting, particularly her mother. Peri’s mother disapproves of her pursuit of magic, wanting her to carry on the family business rather than go adventuring. She knows that at some point she will have to face going home, but is more than willing to put it off while she has “more important things to do”.

Periwinkle Butterscotch

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