Chaotic Neutral Druid


The druid known as Piper has a strong mischievous streak, delighting in the misfortune of those around her. She does, however, take her responsibilities to nature and the druidic arts seriously, responding with savagery to any threats to animals or wildlife. She is particularly protective of her velociraptor, Yoshi, and has been known to wound strangers for simply looking at her dinosaur wrong. What could be described as anti-social tendencies have left her lacking in close acquaintances, though Girthy has struck up a friendship with her, being amused at her antics.
It’s presumed that she originates somewhere from Tinpaktu, and that she left at an early age to study the druidic arts in the nearby Arboron Forests.

Involvement with the Party
Piper was part of the initial heist in Lotani, but was not one of the lucky few to receive Norgorber’s blessing. She instead traveled with Girthy for some time before being reenlisted by Emmett to collect the Runed Skull from the caves near Casta. The party met with the two and were unsure of their intentions, but neither party was willing to risk confrontation.

Since then she has joined the party headed by Felicity, and clashed with the party in Norgorber’s alternate dimension. Along with the other former party members, Piper is masquerading as one of Lamashtu’s minions while furthering the goals of the God of Secrets.


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