LG Jarltungstr for Myrt


Tall for a dwarf, Quarth is a veritable ball of muscle, with a prominent scar across the bridge of his nose, and a gash from his right ear to his chin, resulting in a permanent grimace. A thick grey beard typically hides the worst of his wounds, woven in and out in undecorated short braids. Piercing blue eyes accentuate a creased face with black and grey streaked hair, cropped short.
He typically wears his custom plate armour, a fist over a mountain decorating the breastplate of exquisite adamantine.


Quarth is the Jarltungstr (foremost among warriors) for Myrt. He has won his title, being a brave and ferocious warrior in battle, but is also known for his fair and even judgment. Those looking for a sympathetic ear, regardless of race, are more often known to go to Quarth then his more austere counterpart in Captain Jerric.
He’s known to be quite fond of his pet nug, Jubbles.


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