LG Paladin


Salvador was born in a little village close to Tresaw to a family of six. He was marked as special from birth, with a birthmark the shape of a longsword on the back of his right hand. Despite this expectation of special things from him Salvador was raised as just another normal country lad, learning to take care of animals and farm the land he lived on. He was also taught his basic letters by the local priest of Iomedae, though he had no patience for this- he much preferred learning of the great heroes of the past and their deeds.

On his 18th birthday Salvador experienced his first vision and oracular trance. In it he saw a great darkness falling over Tyreth, held back only by a mighty white gauntlet. After discussing this with his local priest he realised that he needed to gather together a new group of heroes to combat this new evil. Setting off with only a knapsack and a blacksmith’s hammer Salvador set forth to gather the group of heroes known as the Hand of Iomedae.

Personality and Relationships

Salvador is a paragon among paladins, upholding the law and justice of the land and combating evil wherever it may be. He displays immense compassion for those in need, immediately offering his services if he feels there is a wrong to be right.
He isn’t the smartest of adventurers, however, which at time ends up getting him in trouble from people trying to take advantage of him. For the most part his lack of intelligence manifests as a refreshing naivety and openness that endears him to people.
Although the group has been travelling together for a few months now, he is still delighted to discover new and exciting things beyond what he’d previously known on his farm.


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