CN Orc Barkeeper, Proprietor of The Hole


While not many people go out of their way to make friends with orcs, Urgrosh is a strange exception. Through unknown means (though presumably violence) Urgrosh became the proprietor of The Hole, a particularly nasty tavern in the slum districts of Lotani. Despite being an orc, he runs a reasonably successful business, with many frequent patrons. It doesn’t have the most varied selection of drinks (ale, ale or ale), but if you can get on this orc’s good side, he might be inclined to let you have some of his special dwarven beer.

As an orc, he tends to be reasonably bad tempered, but will generally be nicer to you the more you spend on drinks. His grasp of Common is very limited, with his known words being “pay”,“kill” and “leave”. If you have any sort of misunderstanding with him, it’s generally a good idea to run out of there as quickly as you can, and leave a peace offering at the door if you ever want to get back in.

In order to get around his lack of understanding other languages, Urgrosh had a wooden sign commissioned with the word “Ale” on it, to which he usually motions a three. Regulars at the bar can tell you that three copper pieces is the standard rate for the tavern’s specialty ale. Tips are appreciated, but probably won’t get you an extraordinary service.

For those who speak Orc, a chat with Urgrosh will let you know that he’s actually a surprisingly nice guy- he’s very proud of his establishment, and very happy with the quality of his ale. Disagreeing with him on either of these topics will, of course, quickly lead to an argument.

Urgrosh has begun developing feelings for Saad since their passionate night together, and seemingly fateful first encounter. For the first time in many years, patrons were astonished to be treated to a round on the house by the proprietor.


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