Zoot Tarrant

Owner of Lofty Heights


NG Human


Zoot has never stepped outside of his beloved Lotani and, if he has it his way, never will. Born into a wealthy family, Zoot always enjoyed rubbing shoulders with the rich and noble, and thus dedicated what was a small portion of his wealth into investing in Lofty Heights.

Although he does appear to be easily distracted, Zoot is a canny businessman, and Lofty Heights would never have reached the success it has without his careful guidance. Using his contacts in the Merchant Guild, he always keeps a very close eye on who’s coming in and out of the city- how else would he be able to welcome the most famous visitors to his inn?

He does tend to be a little leery of adventurers (or at least the ones that look like they might make a mess of his beloved inn), but will always do his best to welcome everyone with an exuberant smile.

Being the kind of person who generally does want to do good things with his inn and stay on the right side of the law, he is NOT aware of the passage to the Low Places- it’s a throwback to the days when he didn’t own the inn.

Zoot Tarrant

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