House Aecoma

House Aecoma does not speciallise in any one discipline, save that of politics. All members of the House are encouraged to pursue what they excel at, a strategy that often leads to alliances between Aecoma and other Houses. Having these ties has worked well for House Aecoma to broker deals for practically anything the House could want.

The Lady Aecoma
House Aecoma is governed by Lady Marathendil. While it might seem peculiar that there is no Lord serving with her, anyone who meets Lady Marathendil is very much aware that she is a canny and competent politician. Originally from one of Aecoma’s vassal houses, Marathendil has risen to the top of the house through various means (some suspect an extensive spy and assassin network, but there is no evidence to this). She will always work with her House’s best interests in mind, at times being ruthless in pursuing her goals.

Vassal Houses

  • Jaka- best known for their depositories of knowledge and researchers. Living by the mantra that knowledge is power, the librarians of Jaka are responsible for keeping the secrets of the Khanate, from its formation to the present.
  • Trel- while Jaka keeps knowledge, Trel is responsible for sharing it. The bards of Trel create beautiful stories with their song, dance and theatre. While some might argue that Trel exists only to support Khanate diatribe, it is undeniable that their performances are stunning.
  • Nereste-

House Aecoma

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