House Kaelara

House Kaelara feeds the military machine that is the Khanate, with Lord Kaelara possessing both farming land and a keen mercantile instinct. Even with the vast farmlands at their resources, House Kaelara constantly pushes for border expansion to the north so that they might absorb the substantial resources under Jebagara’s control.

The Lord and Lady Kaelara
One might be tempted to see the Lord and Lady of Kaelara to be little more than greedy merchants. In truth, Lord Adeem Kaelara is very aware that his House provides basic food supplies Khanate, and is one of the most loyal Lords to the Khanate throne. In contrast, Lady Satia has mixed loyalties, as she was born to House Aecoma. Still, she has quickly acquired the skills that make House Kaelara (and its members) so invaluable, and provides excellent assistance to her husband.

Vassal Houses
Given the trading nature of House Kaelara, it makes sense that they have created bonds between vassal houses based on trade. Competing with the Tyrethian Merchant Guild, the Aladrim Traders include:

  • Duras- responsible for farming and selling grains and wheat. Largest of the Kaelara vassals, Lord Duras has aspirations to be the next Trader house to become a Great House, but lacks the political influence to elevate his House.
  • Nonde- responsible for woodwork and lacquer ware. A moderately profitable house, Nonde is responsible for the travelling markets that move throughout the Khanate.
  • Ghavul- responsible for hunting and animal farms. Most of House Ghavul is at the very least competent with a bow, making the house a formidable force of rangers when pressed.
  • Istel-

House Kaelara

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