House Tavadon

House Tavadon has long had a reputation for producing wizards and sorcerers, ever since the founder of the House and famous mage Darien Tavadon. Hopeful mages from all over the Khanate come to the House of Moon and Stars to learn the art of magic.

The Lord and Lady Tavadon
Lord Giltannen Tavadon has only recently stepped into the position as Lord of the House, his father having been brutally murdered on the night of the annual city gala. While Giltannen is known for being a calm and cautious elf, his father’s death has inspired a kind of fervor in searching for his father’s killer.

Giltannen’s mother Sebriela is still in grief over her husband’s death. Unlike her son, however, she has been distracting herself from mourning by taking on more responsibility so her son does not bear the brunt of daily House matters.

Vassal Houses

  • Abessai- the largest of House Tavadon’s vassals, they are tied to Tavadon through political marriage and vows of servitude that can be traced back to Abessai’s conception. Abessai politicians are known to be ruthless negotiators, pursuing their goals with all means short of open violence (which, of course, would be a social faux pas).
  • Kurait- best known for supplying House Tavadon with a constant stream of trainees for the House of Moon & Stars
  • Zamon- A relatively minor House. Zamon came to being when Knight Yarol Zamon led the campaign to push the Khanate border further north beyond the forests that the Elves call home. Those following in Yarol’s footsteps continue to be loyal and valiant knights.

House Tavadon

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