Ilu-Gwaith is one of the twin divines of the Khanate of Aladrim, along with Maralcar. Whilst Maralcar is charged with the preservation and continued functioning of Tyreth, Ilu-Gwaith in all forms actively combats and protects against Umearhu. Ilu-Gwaith embodies the divinity of the people, and as such has many faces, both positive and negative.
Ilu-Gwaith has the following aspects:

Istyar – The Scholar – Lawful Neutral
Ilu-Gwaith in the guise of Istyar appears as a pure white fox or a wizened old lady holding a scroll in one hand and a brush in the other. She is said to have given the gift of language to the earliest Elves, before even the dragons. She is also depicted teaching ancient elven machinists their labours. Ilu-Istyar is beloved of scholars, teachers, and inventors. Ilu-Istyar combats ignorance and misinformation through logic, learning, and cunning, and teaches her followers to do the same.

Ilu-Istyar has the following domains: Knowledge, Artifice, Rune

Authonore – The Spearmaiden – Lawful Neutral
Ilu-Gwaith as Authonore appears as a a silver dragon or a young elven woman in ornately-carved silver armour, carrying a shortspear and crescent shield. She is the patron of warriors of any stripe, from sellswords to soldiers to generals. She teaches victory through martial prowess, as well as the glory to be found in honourable battle. She is an uncomplicated deity, but much loved. Authonore is one of the most important of Ilu-Gwaith’s aspects in the fight against Umearhu, but often her sense of fairness and honour is used against her.

Ilu-Authonore has the following domains: Air, Glory, War

Celumath – The Shield – Lawful Good
Ilu-Celumath is the protector of the elven people, and the patron of towns, cities, and other settlements, along with Ma-Ruimen. He appears as a halo of light on the horizon, or as a tall elf with hammer in hand. Ilu-Celumath preserves elvenkind against the predations of Umearhu through time-honored tradition and ritual, and teaches that ordering and mastering one’s own body and mind is the path to success.

Ilu-Celumath has the following domains: Law, Protection, Strength

Dostaruth – The Fury – Chaotic Neutral
The aspect of Ilu-Dostaruth is a terrible thing to behold. Appearing as a fiery stormcloud or a great flaming wheel. Ilu-Dostaruth is the aspect of rage, vengeance, and chaos. It is the last resort, when no laws, no prowess, no logic can prevail. Ilu-Dostaruth fights Umearhu through sheer mindless ferocity, though it makes no distinction between good or evil, friend or foe.

Ilu-Istyar has the following domains: Chaos, Destruction, Fire

Clerics of Ilu-Gwaith must choose only one or two aspects to worship and receive domains from.


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