Maralcar is one of the sibling deities of the Khanate of Aladrim, along with Ilu-Gwaith. Maralcar’s duties are to foster and protect Tyreth, while Ilu-Gwaith combats the darkness of Umearhu. Maralcar embodies the spirit of the land, and has the following aspects:

Kemenetar – The Old Man – True Neutral
Ma-Kemenetar is the embodiment of nature, and appears as a great stag with many horns, or as a wizened old man carrying a staff. He is that which makes the plants grow, and the rain fall, along with the aspect Ma-Fairannda. He is the father of all animals, and often prefers their company to the company of people. Druids often worship Ma-Kemenetar.

Ma-Kemenetar has the following domains: Animal, Earth, Plant

Ruimen – The Hearth – Lawful Neutral
Maralcar in the aspect of Ma-Ruimen is often worshiped as the patron of towns and cities, and appears as a brother and sister holding hands, or as a huge black wolf. In actuality, Ma-Ruimen is the aspect of all forms of community and cooperation – from the cities of elves, to insect hives, to the packs and herds of animals.

Ma-Ruimen has the following domains: Animal, Community, Healing

Fairannda – The Cycle – True Neutral
Ma-Fairannda embodies the natural progression of all – the passing of time, the changing of the seasons, and the eventual death of all things. Ma-Fairannda appears as a massive golden serpent. It may be the most active of the aspects of Maralcar, as it teaches that anything that interrupts the natural order must be purged from the world. As such, Ma-Fairannda teaches that undead and aberrations are abominations that must be destroyed. Adherents of this aspect of Maralcar are often Inquisitors and monster hunters.

Ma-Fairannda has the following Domains: Sun, Death, Water

Lelya-Rane – Little Sister – Chaotic Good
Maralcar in the aspect of Leyla-Rane appears as a girl-child in a dusty, hooded smock with many pockets. She is mischievous and capricious, though never maliciously so. She is worshiped by travelers and gamblers, and even farmers seek her favour. It is not uncommon for those who are lost to be led to the path by a shadowy, giggling figure, or to spy small footprints in mud of the first spring rains. She has shrines dotting the landscape, particularly along roads and prominent hills, and is the only deity whose offerings are almost completely comprised of sugared candies and other such sweets.

Maleyla-Rane has the following domains: Luck, Travel, Weather

Clerics of Maralcar must choose only one or two aspects to worship and choose domains from.


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