Umearhu is the Hunger In The Dark, the Black Winds, Those That Are Other. It is the great blackness from which the siblings Ilu-Gwaith and Maralcar wrenched themselves, and the great evil which they constantly strive to keep out of Tyreth. Worship of Umearhu is strictly forbidden throughout the Khanate.

Umearhu is thought to be not one entity, but a collective – thousands, maybe millions, of Others that are utterly evil and inimical to all planes. Whether or not they are discrete entities more powerful than the rest of the roiling masses, or whether they smaller collectives held together briefly by ideas and then dissolved and reformed elsewhere, certain aspects of Umearhu have been identified:

Amphala – The Black Tongues – Neutral Evil
Also known as The Whisperers, Amphala is a master manipulator. Seeping black thoughts into the minds of mortals at their darkest hours, it seeks to corrupt those who were once upstanding and good, and turn these individuals into its own black prophets. Having a black tongue scrawled upon your door is a grave insult, and anyone caught doing such things is swiftly punished. Amphala is the most intelligent aspect of Umearhu, and the most insidious.

Amphala grants the following domains: Evil, Trickery

Qualme – The Maelstrom – Chaotic Evil
The symbol for Qualme is a twisted spiral, in deep red or sickly, poisonous blue. Qualme is nothing short of sheer, gibbering insanity. There is no reasoning with it, and no predicting it, although sometimes it seems to manifest towards some terrible purpose. Able to twist or destroy the strongest minds at a touch, Qualme is arguably the most fearsome aspect of Umearhu, and would be the most dangerous if it did not often work at cross-purposes to itself.

Qualme grants the following domains: Chaos, Destruction, Madness

Morion – Those Which Eat – Neutral Evil
When Morion manifests, it appears as a great, grasping maw, filled with teeth, that leaves nothing in its path. Morion is a great, terrible hunger, utterly mindless, that exists only to consume. It acts on this simple impulse to consume Tyreth, the material plane, and all other planes of existence. This is the most inimical manifestation of Umearhu, as both Amphala and Qualme are presumed to want the world intact, unlike Morion.

Morion grants the following domains: Death, Void

Nuvenorn – The Twisted Root – Chaotic Evil
Nuvenorn is the spreader of rot and corruption in the world, the creator of all that is twisted and wrong. Nuvenorn manifests as a plague of shiny black moths, that leave behind a corrosive powder wherever they go.

Nuvenorn grants the following domains: Evil, Death, Magic

Only the most depraved and maddened of creatures seek communion with Umearhu, and only the worst among those become its agents. Clerics of Umearhu must select only one or two aspects to worship and receive domains from.


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